Israel and Saudi Arabia should be dissolved. neither of them have the intellectual capacity to govern because they both think they're here cuz god said they're the best. that's not compatible with other nations that rule them selves according to mans laws. you know... "MAN". the species that's Actually in control? The mere sight of how these countries operate if anything only serves to Prove that there is NO God. Would a truly just god permit public beheadings? If Israel is the promised land then why are there already people from a different religion living there? Is god projecting missiles? Is that the power of God? no that's the power of MAN.

twas tommy's birthday. guy brought his banjo. instant galore

how to put all this crap to an end

making American business' pay for health care is a SCAM! all that does is make them less competitive in the world at a time when globalism has become the most difficult markets to compete in. its crippling us and yet liberals are all out fighting to keep it that way.

Not to mention the irony involved in the fact that the only people that receive health "benefits" are people that are healthy enough to work. Which does NOTHING for the 40,000,000 americans without health coverage.

Lower the price of drugs, cut out "insurance" companies and stop making the only incentive for people to become doctors the fact that it's the highest paying occupation in the country and we can all just be able to see a doctor when we need to.

that's not "socialism". it's common sense. everyone knows the phrase "I PAY YOUR SALARY" when arguing with the police. but yet we never claim that police are a socialist enterprise. why can't we use that same phrase when seeking medical care? because some how doctors are better then police? police are out there everyday risking their lives to Save LIVES. but yet doctors who essentially play the same role without the risk of losing their lives in the process are seen as holy entities that deserve BMW's and 10 bedroom houses and yaghts to take their families out on when they go on vacation.

so much ignorance, so little time.

this popped up on the widget I have to see where my readers are coming from.

-North Pole, Alaska arrived from on "old hack has issues...: write charles manson a letter"-

guess he's giving Charles Manson something for christmas...

Originally uploaded by william jess

wonder which one is the REAL santa clause

So at a gig one time over a year ago I was shootin the shit with some folks outside and when I tried to tell them that we're Fifty Trillion dollars in debt the guy I was talking to started laughing and rolling his eyes and said "stop drinking the kool aid" and I looked at him like "what? I'm serious!"

we all got a serious heads up on this situation if people had been paying attention to the right people instead of listening to Obama go on and on about how wonderful the words "change" and "hope" are...

great little film on the social security fear mongering thats been going on for quite a while now. Bill Clinton balanced the budget by raiding the SS funds. thats when it started. There's a really ugly trend among young people that think that social security isn't a worthwhile cause. to that I say go visit your grand parents. tell them that you think they shouldn't be allowed to turn on the light, to eat, to afford their medicine, to LIVE. young people can be so naive.

Social Security is the most succesful government program in the history of law. 2000 years people have been trying to maintain order and FDR undoubtedly proved that socialism is a million times better then anarchism.

Another Saturday Night...
Originally uploaded by jbpics

they were the best of times now they're the worst of times

we need a fair retail sales tax like they have in canada. then everyone would know what everyone is paying. the more you buy the more you pay. no more breaks for rich people like John McCain who owns 7 houses and 13 cars. and for anyone who wishes to apply could get a monthly tax rebate to cover the essentials of life. problem solved. congress won't do it though so we'd have to mandate that be made law by a massive petition i.e. national initiative. but congress would just throw it in the trash like they have our 64% mandate on free health care. unless we amend the constitution as a people to become empowered as law makers.

crooked politicians that raised money from corporate interests that stand to gain from the bail out voted to give 700,000,000,000 dollars to the special interest groups that caused the entire mess. and YOU'RE the people that empowered the to do that when you went and VOTED FOR THEM.

the constitution needs to be amended so that we can make laws and amend the constitution our selves by initiative. If the people that elected Obama (the vast majority of Americans) were allowed to vote on federal laws then we could end the war, implement free health care, produce better means of transportation and generate alternative energy with or without Congress' approval. Congress does nothing but stand in the way of progress and then take credit for when things do actually change.

So we're gonna be living the rest of our lives by "the Bush Standard"?

"well at least he's not as bad as Bush."

Bush is the worst president in American history and that's where you set your standard?

If Obama represents Anything he represents this countries chance to get off their ass and DO SOMETHING for themselves.

"If you sit around and wait for those who are in power to make up their minds you'll be waiting a long time." Malcolm X.

People have been talking about black people like they're children all day today. So What. Of course a black man can become president. He's just another crook. He's using Clinton's economic adviser who repealed the Glass Steagall act and caused the mess on wall street. He's worked for CITIGROUP for 40,000,000 a year for the last 8 years. HE WORKS FOR THE BANKS. and he's gonna fix the Banks? RIIIIGHT. Wake up people.

Obama aint gonna do shit about the war. some big fights gonna break out and Obama is gonna use that as his excuse on why we need to stay and fight. He's gonna protect the embassy and keep the oil war going.

he's not gonna do shit about health care. he's just gonna bank rupt small business and make big business carry the load.

he aint gonna do shit about energy because the republicans are going to block every notion that even Hints at getting off of oil.

he won't end the war on drugs. he'll still send us to prison for using drugs. he's ambitious and because of Bush he's the most powerful president in the history of this country with a mandate of support from the public and nothing but a long line of slimey crooks advising him on how to screw us over.

He aint gonna do shit about the banking crisis cuz he's got the very adviser that Clinton partnered with to repeal the glass steagall act and CAUSED the very fucking crisis that he's now being heralded as the man to fix it. I think they set up those guys on wall street that got caught getting manicures. Made an example of them to make Obama seem like he's gonna safeguard the hen house. But really he's guarding them with some foxes.

have fun waiting for that $1,000 tax cut obamas been promisin...

they dont need an IHD RFID chip planted in your skin when they can get you to walk around talking into it and PAY FOR IT. stupid asses. This guys glad that google has taken a more "conservative" approach to its new devices. Like buying up San Francisco and turning it into a neo-liberal elite hang out. Raising the rent on native bayers and ousting long lasting ma and pa shops for hyper hip boutique stores for their lemmings to buy and decorate their homes with so they can pretend to be "with it". Anyone who works for google is a COMMIE. A god damn blood sucking - kill your neighbors - commie.

I wish consumers gave a shit cuz without people voting to empower them with their money they'd be just another yahoo.

this is a glimpse of the "bi-partisanship" that the republicans are going to engage in for the next four years. if we dont get a shitload of democrats elected then Obama's just gonna be another Jimmy Carter. they'll tar and feather him. luckily Obama has a ton of confidence. he's gonna need it.

whats so great about congress? How come we cant vote on our own laws as a country? Why do we have to rely on crooked politicians to write the laws for us?

it clearly says "WE THE PEOPLE" well We're "THE PEOPLE" so how come we cant just VOTE on shit instead of having to call crooked congressman to beg them over the phone to vote for us the right way? IT STUPID. we should just be allowed to vote on our own damn laws. its as simple as that.

I mean you place people in absolute authority of your life and then expect not to get SCREWED!? it's the stupidest concept in the world. When everyone knows how to act in their own self interest. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. We have different oppinions on how to get there but in the end Americans are not as retarded as we like to think. We should just be able to say "yea I like that idea" and go with it as a people. Instead of having these politicians masqurade like THEY have the perfect solution. Seriously what is so hard to understand about living under a government thats ran by WE THE PEOPLE?

24 states/the majority of Americans live by their own laws at the state and local level. There's no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to interact with congress at the federal level. What's so special about Congress other then the fact they're untouchable? WHy should they remain untouchable if all they ever do is screw us over?

either we all start fighting for having a say in how our country is governed or we're just bums talking around a fire.

mike gravel has all the answers. its giving YOU the power to decide your own fate. rather then just trusting politicians to fool you into trusting them to do the right thing For you.

we were competing as a nation with the english empire. we needed to combine our wealth to get a strong hold on our economy against the english empire that was doing us in. And slavery had become so unpopular that it was beginning to cause violence. Something had to be done. The southern politicians were sell outs to Great Britain. the rebel soldiers were the only ones with a since of patriotism for the south. the leaders were greedy slave trading communists.

Slavery is communism. they took all the wealth at the top and gave their free labor the bare essentials to get by and keep working.

thats communism.

All the time I hear people respond to the idea of living in a free democracy with the lame ass excuse "we wouldn't have enough time to vote on every single issue".

do you have time to vote on the war? do you have time to vote on the bail out? do you have time to vote on health care? do you have time to vote on education? do you have time to vote on energy independence?

if you don't then you get what you deserve. the smaller issues would still be left to congress. But it's time we as a nation start thinking about what we could do if we were actually free to guide our own destiny.

he made me stop and think. I didn't like the idea of true democracy cuz I immediately thought of what the south would do if they were unrestrained but then I stop and thought for a moment and realized that I was afraid of my own country.

he HAD to run dirty. They looked at Obama and they KNEW that there was no way that McCain could out charm Obama. So to come strong they HAD to play dirty. Like a boxer with short arms trying to fight a boxer taller and stronger. You're gonna do your best to cheat yourself a win.

If he tried to out charm the public and play it clean like Obama then he would never have had a Lead at any point.

His friends started the war in S. Ossetia to give him credibility in the War department. 3000 people died just so McCain could have an opportunity to shine. And sadly it worked. Tell me we're not the most vicious country on Earth. The American mafia has never gave a bunch of guns to an entire state to attack another state, knowing full well that as soon as they do it they'll get pummeled by the feds in Moscow. 3,000 people dead so McCain could look like a courageous leader. I don't think Obama had any idea what the hell was going on when it happened. That's why he voted present. "I think both sides should chill out and I've been told that we're supposed to be supporting Georgia cuz thats where our oil comes from."

So to me it looks like the Soviet Union has become a confederacy. And just as the English Empire was funding the south here in America to dissolve the union. The American Empire is trying to get the south in Russia to dissolve their union.

Which makes me wonder if Obama had something to do with this bail out crisis. Ya know what I mean? cuz If McCain is willing to have 3,000 people killed in the name of WAR because he's a WAR president like Bush. That's McCains strength. I mean they've changed his middle name to
John "WAR HERO" McCain!! So Then what's to stop me from thinking that Obama is willing to get wall street to freeze everyones assets? Because economics is obviously Obama's strength. And with economics you dont have to act angry. You can be charming and make everyone feel hopeful and all of a sudden you're afraid of losing your HOME if you don't vote for this guy. And what's scarier? war with Russia? which is a country a million miles away who the only time our troops met with them in battle were OUR MOST SACRED ALLIE AND HELPED TO WIN WORLD WAR TWO??? or... LOSING YOUR FUCKING HOME???? the place where you actually live. the place where you come home to everyday.

I hate them both.

whats up doc

11:07 PM |

funny thing happened while I was at the doctors office today. I went walking through the halls and when to the last corner before my doctors office I walked up on this black guy in drag snapping his fingers and yelling "free at last I'm free at last". He had huge muscles and a trimmed mustache wearing this black dress. He was chatting the ears off of these women in the hall and when I went into the office I could see the men sitting in there were really uncomfortable with it. Once I sat down one of the men started going off about how it was an abomination. One of them made a joke saying it's Halloween. to which the other guy replied "yea, It's Halloween year round for him".

eventually he came to wait in the room with the rest of us. getting dirty looks from every stranger that happened to notice him. At one point he pulled out his compact and started checking his face like girls do. he was getting along real well with the woman he was sitting next to and the guy on the other side of her didn't quite know what to do cuz he was obviuosly enjoying her company as well but not at all confortable with being in a three way conversation with the guy in drag.

just thought I'd share that with you all. happy halloween.


"See those people over there" heh. that's poetry

(watch for sean lennon)

Kenny Rogers loves all the poor children of America.

last night I had a dream that I was locked away in John McCains privately owned prison. I kept getting in fights where I was getting pummeled by skinhead fucks. For a moment I was in the yard where I seen "McCain prison facility" and I saw John and his wife taking time for a photo op. for some strange reason the prison was located in my sisters basement though so when I went up to the yard I had to go through my sisters kitchen and family room though. I was woken up by my down stairs neighbor blasting some kind of show tune sounding music though so it was short and sweet.

then after I fell back asleep I dreamed that I was playing a christmas show in some gymnasium and that a girlfriend was cheating on me with Tommy Lee. I followed him into the bathroom and overheard her saying to him "dont worry he wont figure it out" then I walked out from where I was hiding and said "I wont figure out what?" to which they both just walked out. I walked with Tommy and pestered him trying to get info out of him but he was embarrassed and wouldn't talk.

then I proceeded to play my set for a lovely crowd but it was all songs I'm completely unfamiliar with. mostly blues songs. Then I was in the parking lot an dsome how it was me and the girl looking for a place and arguing about this and that while checking out the place.


Last night I had a dream that I ran into Barack Hussein Obama at a corporate book store. At first we had exchanged a few messages on a message board where he was talking about bi partisanship which I oddly replied the only time Republicans and Democrats reach over the aisle is to smoke pot. Nonsense but thats how dreams go some times. So I was in this book store and all of a sudden there's Obama. coming in the door. He didn't have any secret service with him it was just him standing there but he was wired to the gills. He had some kind of over sized blackberry attatched to his belt hanging off his right hip along with a blue tooth in his ear and wires dangling off of him like a christmas tree. the oddest part was he had this weird platstic box with a clown printed on the front of it attached to his stomach with a generic clown face printed on the front with some a word written in simple type face spelling the word "MASTER" above the clown face. I asked him to sign the book I was holding then while he was signing it I realized it was the wrong book but as I was scrambling to find the right book he turned and handed the book to someone else. Then I woke up...

I've sort of come around on Obama. After I looked more into his history of what he did for South side chicago I came to respect his abilities as an labor organizer. I know when he's lying though and I can pretty much tell that for the most part he's just playing the audience for suckers and telling them what they want to hear. My hope is that he will do some good if elected though. He does give good speeches and my political guru Mike Gravel has said "whats in a great speech" but on the other hand he has said very flattering statements about how important FDR's speech about having nothing to fear but fear itself was to help give this country the courage to withstand the hardship of the great depression so I think a great speech by an admired dictator can have a certain amount if validity in times of hardship.

I'm not going to waste my time voting for Obama though. As a Californian my vote isn't needed as it is clear as day to anyone who walks through my home town that Obama has the electoral votes of my state locked up. but to those who live in "swing states" who are thinking of staying home or voting third party this election my advice is this.

who is less informed. people voting for McCain or Obama.

obviously if only slightly it's McCain's followers.

more informed voters would be voting for Obama but they know Obama is fraudulent so then if you do the math people that would be voting for Obama are the ones voting third party. thus third parties are only standing to help McCain.

Now add in to effect who's worse for us. McCain or Obama.

the lesser of two evils is just as effective as voting third party. third parties are meaningless. as Mike said if you got Libertarians in power they'd become just as corrupt as the republicans.

hold your nose and Vote for Obama.then atleast we'll get to hear some good speeches. I mean really? If we fall into a another great depression what would you rather hear on TV

"Yes we can" or "STOP WHINING"

that's my two cents

comments welcome

snapped a pic of this today on my way to get groceries. it's on the back of a one way sign down 8th street in the mission.

bout god damn time. yea yea yea white guilt. I see OJ as a man that committed a crime. this is no way for black america to get revenge on the centuries of abuse. They never should have rallied behind him cuz he's a son of a bitch. He cut two peoples HEADS OFF.

thats like white people rallying around Jeffrey Dahmer. He DID kill a lot of minorities you know...

I'm sorta on the fence about what we should do about wal street. I think bailing them out sends a bad signal to wall st. that they can just keep playing the house with our money and nothing will ever happen to them no matter how badly they lose. Sorta like if a gambling addict was allowed to start gambling with Other peoples money. They'd start betting even MORE cuz it wouldn't even be their money.

on the other hand BANKS ARE FAILING... if I had money in a bank that failed I'd want that bail out and I'd want it pronto. So I can see why Congress isn't getting anything done in a timely fashion cuz it goes both ways.

Seems we're in a dilly of a pickle. thanks Clinton for repealing the Glass Steagall act

Couric Stumps Palin With Supreme Court Question

Biden is going to school that snake handler come thursday night.

this guy knows his shit. I'm inclined to believe him.

"so what's your secret?"
"I could tell you but I'd have to shoot you"

im surprised national geographic over looked that aspect of it.

you beat terrorists by bankrupting and humiliating them and thus making it unappealing. you defeat terrorists by providing them with food and medicine. you beat terrorists by making more friends then enemies. not by going and killing as many people as you can. And McCain's not even the slightest bit interested in killing terrorists. He just wants to be in on that big pot of gold that sits in the oval office. It's not rocket science.

met up with my friend poopy for some coffee and what not. snapped a couple pics while i was out walkin around.

Mike Gravel understands the need for law
Ron Paul thinks the markets are saintly.

Bill Maher sucks cuz he dismissed Mike Gravel as "speaking nonsense to power". And I hate Nader inc. now too cuz his team banned me from commenting on his youtube videos because I was lobbying his audience to think about direct democracy. but he's got some great sound bites here.

John McCain. the John Kerry of the republican party

ready to lead us to the gates of hell

Joe's my brother

I thought Obama did OK. It was really pissing me off when he kept saying "John you're absolutely right..." like 5 fucking times. THATS NOT WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SAY! anyways I'm glad they talked economy on what was supposed to be a format on War and more War. So John didn't even really get to shine. I'm sure Obama has an uppercut that he's holding back for that moment when John shows real weakness. I want Obama to just clobber the mother fucker though. he's gotta win over those stupid independents though that are standing on the fence. the independent voters control this country.

if she gets elected the rest of the world will run circles around this stupid bitch. Just how the rest of the world has pawned George W Bush people will talk circles around this ignorant jesus freak and it'll cost us dearly.

he's trying to show that he's willing to reach across the aisle. I agree its seems gutless but the one thing I've noticed about Obamas campaign is he promised to run a clean and respectful campaign and he kept his promise.sadly the public just doesn't respect clean politics. they talk about how they hate dirty campaigns but in the end thats what they go by.

my hope is that Obama is saving it all up for the debates where he's gonna just rip McCain to shreds. cuz in a way McCain thinks that Obama doesn't know how to fight. So if he comes out swinging in the debates McCain won't know what hit him. and when McCain looks confused (which is daily) he looks incompetent and down right stupid.

thats my hope as to why Obama has been completely unwilling to throw any mud. Let McCain get his guard down and a little over confident. And then HUMILIATE HIS ASS ON NATIONAL TELEVISION IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!

what a chicken shit coward piece of shit. imagine if things go to hell and he's supposed to meet with world leaders and he chickens out then? kinda like How Bush just sat there in that chair while planes flew into buildings. just showing everyone how much of a coward he really is. He's not willing to face the American public in a candid discussion with an infamous liberal. He's a coward.

I know he would never come out and say but you know as well as I do that there's no way in the world he would vote for McCain. Now a lot of people are making a big deal and scratching their heads about his kind remarks about governor Palin. But rest assured thats where it ends. He disagrees with her on just about every issue imaginable. the interview thats being tossed around of him praising her is not so much him talking about how much he supports her but hearnestly trying to get through to the liberals that the dirt they've chosen to fling won't stick. Also I think Mike's got a soft spot for Alaska since it was the state that gave him the power to make history in the halls of the senate. and also I think he's been using the buzz to yet again get his perfected historical sound bite out there once again. "empower the American people to make laws"

Mike said on democracy now a month ago that he was going to be voting for the lesser of two evils. He's going to vote for Obama while holding his nose. I mean if he says he's voting for the lesser of two evils and we know he doesn't think much of alternative parties then obviously that leads to him saying he's giving obama his digit.

he also said voting for Nader would be a good place to place a protest vote. but said it without giving any notion that he thought much of that.

fuck third parties. get a shit load of democrats in office and then pound them into discussing a federal referendum. thats the way. not just voting for another party. voting for representatives without having the power to hold them in check will always amount to you throwing away your vote so you might as well just play ball as you continue to fight for the ultimate goal which is empowering all Americans to have the right to make laws.

So while I don't expect him to come right out and say it. I honestly believe that when he goes into the booth he'll pull that lever with a heavy heart for the young ambitious idealist named Barack Obama.

what...the...fuck? DON'T LISTEN TO ALEX JONES! he will give you bad advice on how to handle this. Your friends and family. grow vegetables in your back yard. share with your neighbors. DON'T REACH FOR YOUR GUN. that's what they want. Reach for a shovel and start growing some food. community gardens and strength in peaceful numbers. and for GODS SAKE vote for Obama.

this must be from the bailout and interest on the war and our lagging job market which has turned global. ugh. stupid capitalists. slit your throat for a nickel. its nothing personal. they just really want that nickel.


after giving a little more thought I realized another reason they may be pulling this shit

comments welcome

Ike understood better then anyone that beltway secrecy is the greatest threat to our liberties.

It's so tragically ironic that he spoke out so eloquently against government secrecy and yet he had Richard Nixon as his Vice.

he knew good god damn and well that there was no missle lag. obviousy considering his coining of the phrase military industrial complex.

finally something caught my interest on the tube. Sick of watching boring inde news anchors go on and on about how terrible everything is without having any positive reinforcement to feel inspired enough to want to keep taking it on. this is activism done right.

turtle rescue

6:25 PM

Sarah Palin is Pure Evil

nature speaks.


FUCKING LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!

if you have a brain you'll listen

mission cats

11:58 AM |

I was down on the mission yesterday to get Jarvis some cat food and have a cup of joe at my new favorite coffee shop that just opened up and I came across some pretty amazing murials of a tiger and a leopard.

the tiger is Huge. its atleast 20 feet tall.

the leopard is about 6 feet tall.

the door bell just rang and it woke everyone up. Yun answered the door and a man was standing there. "Oh I'm sorry did I wake you? I just wanted to do a quick survey and ask you,.. How well do you know your heavenly father?" which he said in a very creepy and condescending tone. Yun just stared back and waited for him to get the hint that she wasn't interested. He finally did and when she shut the door we all kind of looked at each other annoyed and confused.

I went to the bathroom to take a piss and over heard him speaking to our next door neighbor who isn't all that friendly. the first time I met our neighbor I was walking by his house and I gave him a chin up 'sup' to which he responded "what the fuck are you looking at". I over heard our neighbor tell the creep "you better get the fuck off my porch" among some other unintelligible mutterings.

what a creep.

the pamphlet on the right is what he left with us. Looks an awful lot like the cover to broke back mountain dont it?

everyone get out your tin foil party hats and start jib jawing about how you know the truth about what happened because some fat loser in austin texas told you so on his cheap little radio show.

inspiration for my new book I'm working on called run about a meth addicted car dealer that falls in love with a heroin addicted teenage prostitute.

so you want to keep spending our national wealth and depleting our credentials on WAR and go bankrupt trying to take over the world?

you want to keep paying high gas prices?
you want to keep seeing people die because of a lack of health care?
you want to keep seeing veterans kill themselves because McCain refuses to give any financial support to them once they return home?
you want to keep seeing American jobs sent over seas?
you want to watch this country get flushed down the toilet because of a freudian slip?

the reason why Barry said that shit is because he stumbles over his words a lot and was referring to how the McNazi campaign has been fuming trying to get idiots out there in the deeply confused south to see him as a member of the religion that is seeking out our demise. We need an enemy so that we can keep on keeping on with the war machine. and what better way then to tag the biggest organized religion in the world as "the enemy"

I kind of live in a bubble and spend most of my time talking to people that are as wise to the game as I am so I tend to forget just how Fucking Stupid this country really is. shit like this is quick to remind me of just how far we still have yet to go. While we're very swiftly running out of time to shape up.

typical day in san francisco


"Text comments you posted to YouTube have been identified as spam, and have been deleted from the site.

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the termination of your account.

For your reference, a copy of this message has also been emailed to the address associated with this account."

I dont spam so this is eroneous. Not sure what you folks can do for me to keep me from being deleted but if I am deleted I'll lose all of my work.

START DOWNLOADING MY VIDEOS QUICK! so I can repost them once I reemerge

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this is the greatest speech I've ever heard Nader give. and no one's listening cuz they think Obama is a shining liberal Prince. The biggest problem with Obama is that he's making everybody loosen up. Loosen up on the war. Loosen up on corporate abuses, loosen up on health care and decent wages. He gives a good speech and makes everyone feel good about the future but anyone that's done the slightest bit of research will tell you that we're fucking bankrupt so all these promises coming from Obama about what we should have are as empty as the world is round. I've lightened up on him as I'm sure folks have noticed but just till he gets elected. That's cuz McCain will slit our throats if he some how cons his way into the whitehouse. Obama will just cut us a few times but I think he'll let us live.

I think the main reason why people aren't taking Nader as serious as they used to also may be youtube's influence on the public. If youtube made Nader a "partner" he'd get a couple hundred thousand views every video but instead they never even put his icon up on the "you choose" page. how ironic eh? instead youtube heavily promotes BULLSHIT like this and this. Talk about keeping the public DUMB AND DOCILE. Youtube is doing a better job of dumbing down the public then the mainstream media Ever did. They have absolutely No conscience. pretty soon they're going to be breeding us like cattle!

the constitution places our government in an untouchable position of authority.

think about it.

we have the right to protest.
we have the right to speak freely
we have the right to draw up petitions.

all of which has proven meaningless in this modern age of representative government.

the constitution needs to be amended so it says that" ALL natural born Americans have the right to draw up legislation and if the people demand it have a vote to make LAWs"

instead of just "ALL legislative powers reside in the congress" thats code for "Dictatorship". all we can do is elect and unelect crooks and then wonder why we're getting screwed.