whats so great about congress? How come we cant vote on our own laws as a country? Why do we have to rely on crooked politicians to write the laws for us?

it clearly says "WE THE PEOPLE" well We're "THE PEOPLE" so how come we cant just VOTE on shit instead of having to call crooked congressman to beg them over the phone to vote for us the right way? IT STUPID. we should just be allowed to vote on our own damn laws. its as simple as that.

I mean you place people in absolute authority of your life and then expect not to get SCREWED!? it's the stupidest concept in the world. When everyone knows how to act in their own self interest. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. We have different oppinions on how to get there but in the end Americans are not as retarded as we like to think. We should just be able to say "yea I like that idea" and go with it as a people. Instead of having these politicians masqurade like THEY have the perfect solution. Seriously what is so hard to understand about living under a government thats ran by WE THE PEOPLE?

24 states/the majority of Americans live by their own laws at the state and local level. There's no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to interact with congress at the federal level. What's so special about Congress other then the fact they're untouchable? WHy should they remain untouchable if all they ever do is screw us over?