Obama aint gonna do shit about the war. some big fights gonna break out and Obama is gonna use that as his excuse on why we need to stay and fight. He's gonna protect the embassy and keep the oil war going.

he's not gonna do shit about health care. he's just gonna bank rupt small business and make big business carry the load.

he aint gonna do shit about energy because the republicans are going to block every notion that even Hints at getting off of oil.

he won't end the war on drugs. he'll still send us to prison for using drugs. he's ambitious and because of Bush he's the most powerful president in the history of this country with a mandate of support from the public and nothing but a long line of slimey crooks advising him on how to screw us over.

He aint gonna do shit about the banking crisis cuz he's got the very adviser that Clinton partnered with to repeal the glass steagall act and CAUSED the very fucking crisis that he's now being heralded as the man to fix it. I think they set up those guys on wall street that got caught getting manicures. Made an example of them to make Obama seem like he's gonna safeguard the hen house. But really he's guarding them with some foxes.

have fun waiting for that $1,000 tax cut obamas been promisin...