he's trying to show that he's willing to reach across the aisle. I agree its seems gutless but the one thing I've noticed about Obamas campaign is he promised to run a clean and respectful campaign and he kept his promise.sadly the public just doesn't respect clean politics. they talk about how they hate dirty campaigns but in the end thats what they go by.

my hope is that Obama is saving it all up for the debates where he's gonna just rip McCain to shreds. cuz in a way McCain thinks that Obama doesn't know how to fight. So if he comes out swinging in the debates McCain won't know what hit him. and when McCain looks confused (which is daily) he looks incompetent and down right stupid.

thats my hope as to why Obama has been completely unwilling to throw any mud. Let McCain get his guard down and a little over confident. And then HUMILIATE HIS ASS ON NATIONAL TELEVISION IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!