Last night I had a dream that I ran into Barack Hussein Obama at a corporate book store. At first we had exchanged a few messages on a message board where he was talking about bi partisanship which I oddly replied the only time Republicans and Democrats reach over the aisle is to smoke pot. Nonsense but thats how dreams go some times. So I was in this book store and all of a sudden there's Obama. coming in the door. He didn't have any secret service with him it was just him standing there but he was wired to the gills. He had some kind of over sized blackberry attatched to his belt hanging off his right hip along with a blue tooth in his ear and wires dangling off of him like a christmas tree. the oddest part was he had this weird platstic box with a clown printed on the front of it attached to his stomach with a generic clown face printed on the front with some a word written in simple type face spelling the word "MASTER" above the clown face. I asked him to sign the book I was holding then while he was signing it I realized it was the wrong book but as I was scrambling to find the right book he turned and handed the book to someone else. Then I woke up...

I've sort of come around on Obama. After I looked more into his history of what he did for South side chicago I came to respect his abilities as an labor organizer. I know when he's lying though and I can pretty much tell that for the most part he's just playing the audience for suckers and telling them what they want to hear. My hope is that he will do some good if elected though. He does give good speeches and my political guru Mike Gravel has said "whats in a great speech" but on the other hand he has said very flattering statements about how important FDR's speech about having nothing to fear but fear itself was to help give this country the courage to withstand the hardship of the great depression so I think a great speech by an admired dictator can have a certain amount if validity in times of hardship.

I'm not going to waste my time voting for Obama though. As a Californian my vote isn't needed as it is clear as day to anyone who walks through my home town that Obama has the electoral votes of my state locked up. but to those who live in "swing states" who are thinking of staying home or voting third party this election my advice is this.

who is less informed. people voting for McCain or Obama.

obviously if only slightly it's McCain's followers.

more informed voters would be voting for Obama but they know Obama is fraudulent so then if you do the math people that would be voting for Obama are the ones voting third party. thus third parties are only standing to help McCain.

Now add in to effect who's worse for us. McCain or Obama.

the lesser of two evils is just as effective as voting third party. third parties are meaningless. as Mike said if you got Libertarians in power they'd become just as corrupt as the republicans.

hold your nose and Vote for Obama.then atleast we'll get to hear some good speeches. I mean really? If we fall into a another great depression what would you rather hear on TV

"Yes we can" or "STOP WHINING"

that's my two cents