making American business' pay for health care is a SCAM! all that does is make them less competitive in the world at a time when globalism has become the most difficult markets to compete in. its crippling us and yet liberals are all out fighting to keep it that way.

Not to mention the irony involved in the fact that the only people that receive health "benefits" are people that are healthy enough to work. Which does NOTHING for the 40,000,000 americans without health coverage.

Lower the price of drugs, cut out "insurance" companies and stop making the only incentive for people to become doctors the fact that it's the highest paying occupation in the country and we can all just be able to see a doctor when we need to.

that's not "socialism". it's common sense. everyone knows the phrase "I PAY YOUR SALARY" when arguing with the police. but yet we never claim that police are a socialist enterprise. why can't we use that same phrase when seeking medical care? because some how doctors are better then police? police are out there everyday risking their lives to Save LIVES. but yet doctors who essentially play the same role without the risk of losing their lives in the process are seen as holy entities that deserve BMW's and 10 bedroom houses and yaghts to take their families out on when they go on vacation.

so much ignorance, so little time.