we need a fair retail sales tax like they have in canada. then everyone would know what everyone is paying. the more you buy the more you pay. no more breaks for rich people like John McCain who owns 7 houses and 13 cars. and for anyone who wishes to apply could get a monthly tax rebate to cover the essentials of life. problem solved. congress won't do it though so we'd have to mandate that be made law by a massive petition i.e. national initiative. but congress would just throw it in the trash like they have our 64% mandate on free health care. unless we amend the constitution as a people to become empowered as law makers.

crooked politicians that raised money from corporate interests that stand to gain from the bail out voted to give 700,000,000,000 dollars to the special interest groups that caused the entire mess. and YOU'RE the people that empowered the to do that when you went and VOTED FOR THEM.