whats up doc

11:07 PM |

funny thing happened while I was at the doctors office today. I went walking through the halls and when to the last corner before my doctors office I walked up on this black guy in drag snapping his fingers and yelling "free at last I'm free at last". He had huge muscles and a trimmed mustache wearing this black dress. He was chatting the ears off of these women in the hall and when I went into the office I could see the men sitting in there were really uncomfortable with it. Once I sat down one of the men started going off about how it was an abomination. One of them made a joke saying it's Halloween. to which the other guy replied "yea, It's Halloween year round for him".

eventually he came to wait in the room with the rest of us. getting dirty looks from every stranger that happened to notice him. At one point he pulled out his compact and started checking his face like girls do. he was getting along real well with the woman he was sitting next to and the guy on the other side of her didn't quite know what to do cuz he was obviuosly enjoying her company as well but not at all confortable with being in a three way conversation with the guy in drag.

just thought I'd share that with you all. happy halloween.