the door bell just rang and it woke everyone up. Yun answered the door and a man was standing there. "Oh I'm sorry did I wake you? I just wanted to do a quick survey and ask you,.. How well do you know your heavenly father?" which he said in a very creepy and condescending tone. Yun just stared back and waited for him to get the hint that she wasn't interested. He finally did and when she shut the door we all kind of looked at each other annoyed and confused.

I went to the bathroom to take a piss and over heard him speaking to our next door neighbor who isn't all that friendly. the first time I met our neighbor I was walking by his house and I gave him a chin up 'sup' to which he responded "what the fuck are you looking at". I over heard our neighbor tell the creep "you better get the fuck off my porch" among some other unintelligible mutterings.

what a creep.

the pamphlet on the right is what he left with us. Looks an awful lot like the cover to broke back mountain dont it?