he HAD to run dirty. They looked at Obama and they KNEW that there was no way that McCain could out charm Obama. So to come strong they HAD to play dirty. Like a boxer with short arms trying to fight a boxer taller and stronger. You're gonna do your best to cheat yourself a win.

If he tried to out charm the public and play it clean like Obama then he would never have had a Lead at any point.

His friends started the war in S. Ossetia to give him credibility in the War department. 3000 people died just so McCain could have an opportunity to shine. And sadly it worked. Tell me we're not the most vicious country on Earth. The American mafia has never gave a bunch of guns to an entire state to attack another state, knowing full well that as soon as they do it they'll get pummeled by the feds in Moscow. 3,000 people dead so McCain could look like a courageous leader. I don't think Obama had any idea what the hell was going on when it happened. That's why he voted present. "I think both sides should chill out and I've been told that we're supposed to be supporting Georgia cuz thats where our oil comes from."

So to me it looks like the Soviet Union has become a confederacy. And just as the English Empire was funding the south here in America to dissolve the union. The American Empire is trying to get the south in Russia to dissolve their union.

Which makes me wonder if Obama had something to do with this bail out crisis. Ya know what I mean? cuz If McCain is willing to have 3,000 people killed in the name of WAR because he's a WAR president like Bush. That's McCains strength. I mean they've changed his middle name to
John "WAR HERO" McCain!! So Then what's to stop me from thinking that Obama is willing to get wall street to freeze everyones assets? Because economics is obviously Obama's strength. And with economics you dont have to act angry. You can be charming and make everyone feel hopeful and all of a sudden you're afraid of losing your HOME if you don't vote for this guy. And what's scarier? war with Russia? which is a country a million miles away who the only time our troops met with them in battle were OUR MOST SACRED ALLIE AND HELPED TO WIN WORLD WAR TWO??? or... LOSING YOUR FUCKING HOME???? the place where you actually live. the place where you come home to everyday.

I hate them both.