I know he would never come out and say but you know as well as I do that there's no way in the world he would vote for McCain. Now a lot of people are making a big deal and scratching their heads about his kind remarks about governor Palin. But rest assured thats where it ends. He disagrees with her on just about every issue imaginable. the interview thats being tossed around of him praising her is not so much him talking about how much he supports her but hearnestly trying to get through to the liberals that the dirt they've chosen to fling won't stick. Also I think Mike's got a soft spot for Alaska since it was the state that gave him the power to make history in the halls of the senate. and also I think he's been using the buzz to yet again get his perfected historical sound bite out there once again. "empower the American people to make laws"

Mike said on democracy now a month ago that he was going to be voting for the lesser of two evils. He's going to vote for Obama while holding his nose. I mean if he says he's voting for the lesser of two evils and we know he doesn't think much of alternative parties then obviously that leads to him saying he's giving obama his digit.

he also said voting for Nader would be a good place to place a protest vote. but said it without giving any notion that he thought much of that.

fuck third parties. get a shit load of democrats in office and then pound them into discussing a federal referendum. thats the way. not just voting for another party. voting for representatives without having the power to hold them in check will always amount to you throwing away your vote so you might as well just play ball as you continue to fight for the ultimate goal which is empowering all Americans to have the right to make laws.

So while I don't expect him to come right out and say it. I honestly believe that when he goes into the booth he'll pull that lever with a heavy heart for the young ambitious idealist named Barack Obama.