so you want to keep spending our national wealth and depleting our credentials on WAR and go bankrupt trying to take over the world?

you want to keep paying high gas prices?
you want to keep seeing people die because of a lack of health care?
you want to keep seeing veterans kill themselves because McCain refuses to give any financial support to them once they return home?
you want to keep seeing American jobs sent over seas?
you want to watch this country get flushed down the toilet because of a freudian slip?

the reason why Barry said that shit is because he stumbles over his words a lot and was referring to how the McNazi campaign has been fuming trying to get idiots out there in the deeply confused south to see him as a member of the religion that is seeking out our demise. We need an enemy so that we can keep on keeping on with the war machine. and what better way then to tag the biggest organized religion in the world as "the enemy"

I kind of live in a bubble and spend most of my time talking to people that are as wise to the game as I am so I tend to forget just how Fucking Stupid this country really is. shit like this is quick to remind me of just how far we still have yet to go. While we're very swiftly running out of time to shape up.