ohhi the wine sea

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I am rotting from the inside out
yet every day I wake up feeling blessed.
blessed for having been born and having survived this long.
blessed by the omnipresent fragrance of death.
beckoning its call. sounding it's whistle.
it's in the light. the shadows. the cricks in my bone.
the taste of this cigarette.
this half drunken bottle of wine.
these crumbs of bread.
and like me the wine rots.
waiting to be enjoyed.
waiting to serve a purpose.
to have meaning.
to drift along with the sea.

Let's bomb Pakistan. We've got enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world 20 times. What are we waiting for? Let's drop them all at once. Who gives a fuck? but even then the people would still complain. The bombs didn't drop fast enough. the explosions weren't big enough. "hurry up and Die" they say. you only destroyed 9/10ths of the world. there were still some cockroaches left wiggling. they saved the best for last. one last hail mary of the nuclear football. here to devastate mankind.

Maybe I'll build a bomb in my back yard. Just strong enough to kill 10 people. Maybe then they'd listen.

Humans are worse than rats. At least rats know how to share space. at least rats know what love is. we can love like they do. Like the rats in the sewers. under piles of used paper and soaked in warm liquids. hidden beneath the cardboard in the rain. washing it all on top of us. we can love like they do. with our teeth and hands firmly grasping whatever piece of the world we have left. the rats don't wait. They're just here and now. Dressed in the sludge of their existence. eating and fucking the day away.

I was walking with friends through a building. We entered the last room and in it were women scntaliy clad in red sports bras and short red shorts. some with rollr skates on. All looking disappointed. I complained that no one was dancing. that I'd come all this way and only one guy was dancing. Someone mistook my complaining to mean that not enough men were dancing. I begrudgingly left and made my way to an army base at the top of a gigantic hill. Once I got inside the guard was quick to tell me I could leave if I was going to bitch about anything. I guess I was there to sleep. suddenly a man in full bhuddist gear grabbed me. I tried to get him to let go but the look in his eyes, He was desperately trying to tell me something. I noticed the way his chin sat. and his droopy eyes. It was my Father. we looked at one another. happy to be seeing each other in the flesh. I told him "look dad, I got old. ." I looked into a mirror. we were in my grandmothers house, but yet it was the old way my own childhood home's living room was set up. we both agreed I was getting older. "you got it worse then I did though." . "yea" he said as I looked at the crease flowing down under his eye. like a giant scar from a knife fight. yet the culprit being Time. then I heard my former room mates talking in their kitchen they were complaining about the ants and making assessments that it must be coming from my part of the building. Of COurse. Me and my dad were walking along a spiraling colluseum outside when my former room mate walked by saying something smarmy about my dads dress. "YOU CAN SEE HIM?" I jumped out of my skin. "this is my dead father. its a Ghost. a real Live ghost!!" She quickly ran back to her room to grab her camera. "No you can't take a pictuire of him he's a Ghost!" I shoute trying to save her some time. She quickly returned and snapped the photo and walked off in a bitchesh manner. only letting me glimpse at the undeveloped picture on the back of the camera in the memory. I could see a bright light in the picture but sure enough there he was. "See? it's just some con artist. He's probably been ten different peoples father this week" I was upset at her but then when I looked back at the man I assumed was my father, there stood a fat bald man who was obviously insane. He looked at me with a child like innocence. So obviously not my father. How Could I have been foole so easily about something that familiar. He grabbed at me and I pushed him away. I went into another building where there were guys and girls in what looked like waiter uniforms you'd find in fast food quarters. There was a pretty girl who I felt compelled to flirt with even though we didn't know each other. She turne to her friend and told him I was obviously insane. I guess my face was twitching or I must not have looked well at all because she reacted almost violently. I wondered about myself. How far I'd come down the ladder of success. How hideous I really was... I made my way through one final store within the corridor of the Colosseum. The crazy homeless man still following me. He sudenly rippe at my shirt. Grabbing it and choking me in a frantic manner. He pointed at the tables and thats when I noticed we were at a Train meet. I looked at him. It WAS him. I knew it! who the hell goes to train meets anymore? NO ONE. So I gave him a hug and he watched me leave. I walked along the outside of the building. there were some boxing gloves on the ground. two pair. I put on one of the pairs an began punching at no one. and crying my eyes out. the passerbys were all gocking for surely I must have looked insane. But I knew what I was doing. I was fighting the pain.

Some how I ended up sitting on an airplane. mid row. window seat. but on this plane every passenger had their own steering gauge. for safety purposes I imagined. in case the pilot wasn't watching then any one of us could grab our own steering wheels and fly the plane ourselves. It made perfect sense to me. But I had to keep fighting the urge to crash the plane. We were flying along the tips of the buildings below us. A skyscraper stood in front of us. and some steered the plane right into the fucking thing.

Thats when I woke up. startled and emotional. I rested my for arm on my for head. I heard the train whistle blow. it was 2 AM. Is that you dad? I said to myself.

ohhi writing

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you must ultimately sympathize with the characters perspective through the narrative. Tell the story as he or she would prefer. Third person but through the eyes of their god. Not just God the writer. Cubby taught me that.

And it's just one simple line after the next. Pace. timing. language. style. grace. that's what Hank said.

and Kill them all. let them all fry. William said.

but have fun. says jack.

hunter said watch the watchers. and don't wait for no one.

and edgar said it's beautiful. no matter ho hideous.

"it would be so easy my love if we were together. I could just tickle and poke you and you'd start being nice" i said digressing my qualms in dealing with the consequences in being in love with a very stern yet brilliant woman that lives so far away. denying my powerlessness to immediately change her attitude.

"you do that and I'll knock your teeth into the back of your throat" she says nonchalantly.

"oh the things you say to me love. my heart flutters" I happily respond.

"you are so sick baby. I'm talking about knocking your teeth in and all you hear is puffy hearts floating in your mouth."

tee orchen krastivaya
( kra cee vie ya )
ya ti bie lublu


"red light green light. thats all guys want. just want to fuck and go"

we can be perverts together and no one can call us perverts anymore. we go beyond the grade. the exception to the rule. harmony in disruption. unity in displacement. loving being loved and loving the person for loving you. and loving the person by showing them what your love looks like.

secrets. forbidden fruits. evil deeds. all done in good spirits. accomplishing nothing but the thrill that comes from being alive. wasting time thinking about it only makes it worse. doing it only makes it happen. so either way you're fucked.either way you're not gonna win.

"you might as well get in a good donkey punch while you can. cuz that's all you're really gonna get." my friend john from seattle tells me.

:she took all his money. and she's gone for like 8 hours. so he calls her and she gives him some sob story about how her eye was leaking. "she did have an eye infection though to be fair but still!? and then she tries to give me some Fake shit" the women will always get their way. as long as they have a pussy worth fucking. as long as they have a smile that doesn't scare children. as long as she isn't missing too many teeth. so that she can still perform a decent blow job. women will always get their way.

You don't watch when you're going down the slide. you just enjoy the ride. while you're climbing up you have already committed yourself to the dance. so the anticipation builds. and once you reach the top you see the other edge of the mountain. and you're free. the moment is yours. the world can't stop you. you've reached the top. and now there's nothing left to do but jump! throw your feet over the edge and let your self go free. to enjoy the splendor that comes from the ride. and she is my ride. and I'm climbing as fast as I can to get to the top of the ladder so that I can at least see the horizon. If I never get to jump then I will just later appreciate the anticipation I felt in having been tempted into achieving that goal. having a muse. having an announcement to make. not that needs to be heard nearly as badly as it is needing to be spoken.

I'd really like to just rape her with a broken plunger. all the way from her ass to the back of her throat. like a roasted pig. except instead of an apple I'd stick fresh cut razor blades in her mouth. and duct tape her mouth shut and make her chew. jab a sharpened pencil into her back repeatedly. cut up her face and poor gasoline on the wounds. tear the duct tape from her mouth and make her spit out the blades and with her hair firmly gripped in my hand whisper in her hear that she's only got moments left to live so she better enjoy them. she could spit blood in my face. scream from the top of her lungs. cry like a baby. none of it would matter. it would only serve to gratify me that much more. Please let me hear you scream. let me hear you moan until you're out of breath. and once you're out of breath shake you by your hair and piss on your face. let the piss and the blood stream down. cut off your ears so that you go deaf. piss in your eyes making you blind. the loss of blood making you weary. the flickering of the light letting you know that you're still alive. But I will be quick to remind you that for how long is up to me. what light you see is what light I allow you to see. the piss and the gasoline fumes gagging you as you try to gasp your last breath. hoping to survive. and the joy i derive from your false hope. knowing that at any moment that I can end your suffering. that you know nothing but suffering and that soon I will end your life completely. I think about you often my love. and the many ways in which I would love to return the anguish in which you bestowed me.

I've started studying french. every word is filled with passion. every syllable is pronounced with a subtle urgency that makes every word poetry. it's not Russian but i figure once I get this one down and develop the ability to understand the differences in languages concerning pronunciation and context I will be more prepared to learn more difficult languages. I want to learn French well enough so that I can enjoy the works of.

Appollinaire - drunk
Isidor Ducasse
"Huysmans à rebours (against the grain)"
"La bas"
"Les chants de Maldoror"

comment dis tu ..

tu es très belle

tu es mon seul et unique amour

tu es une fille brillante

je t'aimes vraiment beaucoup?

tu me rends très heureux

je vais te voir bientôt

est-ce que tu m'aimes


putain de merde

nique ta mere - fuck you mother

salle de bains - bathroom

chat - cat

chien - male dog

chienne - female dog

tu es cinglée cinlge'

tu es folle / fou

tu es givr'ee givr'e givre- ice/crazy

s'il te plait - please.

je te hais - i hate you

ja t'aime

je te hais

je t'aime - love you
je t'ai aimé i loved
je t'aimais have loved
je t'aimerai will love
je t'aimerais would love
je t'aurais aimé would have

on fait des progrès - you are getting better

hiboux - owl
callioux - little stone
choux - food
bijoux - jewlery

drole - funny
rigolo / rigolotte - funny incident

c'est - its

c'est tre's drole

je suis
tu es
il est

nous sommes - we are
vous etes - they/you are
ils sont - they are

tu es america

inte'ressant - interesting

c'est tre's inte'ressant

comment? rude
pardon? polite
pardon - excuse me
quoi? - how

il n'y pas de quoi - you are welcome

je ne sais pas quoi -

n'importe quoi - important what?

moi aussi - me too

moi non plus me niether


incroyable - amazing..

elo get letzebuergesch geleiert hei - now i have to have to learn luxemgurbish

tu es incroyablement givrée

plus doux - very good

comment de tu -


je vais au magasin
je vais aux magasin
je vais des courses

chanson - song

j'aime les chansons, l'art et la musique

je parle très lentement - i speak very slowly

doucement - soft slowly

comprendre comprehend
je comprend I
tu comprends you

j'ai compris

tu as compris

triste - sad

malheureuse = evil

nal evil

je fais de mon mieux

lentement mais surement - slowley and surely

excuse mon français

minuit midnight
nuit - night

je m'exuse

minuit dix à Luxembourg

vrai -true

j'excuse ton comportement i excuse myself.

c'est très vrai its is true
c'est la vérité its the truth

gentil - gental male
gentille - gentle female

à plus - see you


will I waste today like I've wasted all week? will I sit here and think about what I could be doing rather then just actually getting up and doing anything of what I'm supposed to do? or will I just lie here? waiting on what ever it is I'm waiting for. people to shut up. jokes that are funny. for sex that's worth a damn. Love that isn't hopeless. waiting for the drugs to kick in. the cashier clerk to ring up my total. the doctor to call out my name. waiting for the light to change. the water to boil. for a moment when I don't feel like I'm waiting on anything. for a moment when I finally find something real.

...and So I drink and I smoke and eat what little food I have left while I wait some more. waiting for the indifference to settle. waiting for the sun to come up. waiting for the sun to go down. waiting for so long that I forget what it was I started waiting on. I guess men of my predisposition have always been the last in line. there are those that wait and those that are weighted on. I guess I'm waiting to find someone out there that's waiting for me. Someone who's anxious when I'm not around. and satisfied when I arrive. looking to me as their sunrise and their sun set. someone who will watch over me with approval. adhere to my charms. appreciate my worth. Someone who can stop time. if even just for a moment.

in the beginning there was nothing.

then god created. man. also known as an anarchist.

then there were two anarchists. oh yay. someone to trade and make things with.

but then came a third. and with that came the blessings of competition.

but then a fourth came and they were even once again. all free to trade and compete and build together.

but then came a fifth. and with that fifth member came the all encompassing curse of eternal damnation known as mob rule.

and all these people were stuck living in a geographical location.

says who?

well we've got french people up north

and spaniards down south that say we do. and they've already formed a mob and they're organized. and they would love the opportunity to take our shit so we had better form our own mob so we can defend ourselves against all the other mobs around the world.

so since we're stuck here we should make some agreements.

ohhi once again

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give me a bottle of wine and a naked woman. everything else is extra.

we were talking about the ghetto. and how fabulous it can all be. she said something about a woman in high heels. Gold studs. tacky taken to the extreme. "its a thing unto itself" i proclaimed. "thats why its beautiful".

every bodies got opinions. yea I got opinions too. I think we're all crazy. time is short. and whatever chances you've got to take you better take em while you can cuz most don't come twice.

so I cut natalias hair for her. straightened out some edges. so I'm an emo faggot that cuts hair now I suppose. I learned how to use scissors in the 2nd grade. I remember watching one of the kids eat glue. is Emo still a word? or have we done away with it yet like we did disco. I just can't afford a hair cut. so I either cut my own or I end up lookin like a hippie. and now I dress well because of my ex. luckily we're in san francisco though where no one can tell the difference. otherwise a guy like me could never get laid.

I spoke about Katja and how unbelievably perfect I believe her to be . she had called me on the phone the night before. sad from news that her child hood pet had died. she was in utter disarray. no matter her condition though she is always graceful in all of her actions. we were talking on the phone but then came the sound of her tumbling out of bed followed by the clunk and the phone going dead. even falling out of bed drunk she's elegant. an absolute dream. a hand full but still not enough. I told natalia. "she's like the girl that takes boys behind the tree at recess and does things you're not supposed to" she is holy to me. K asked me why I had slept with so many girls when I was younger. "because I'm a whore" I replied. to which she bursted out with laughter then singing the chorus to an old familiar big black song. girls. girls and their meaning. but there's something to be said about a man that knows what girls like. how she wants it where and why , when, and for what reason. there's always gotta be a reason. yet we're all unreasonable. we all want everything to be perfect but yet we all want something different.

we noticed "mark" across the street had a girl with him. and he was wearing sunglasses for the first time. I guess that gig he has playing cello for van morrison finally paid off a little. or a lot just not at home at least. what do I know. she was talking about 1984. and the new speak. I mentioned my parody once again. we drank more cheap wine and tried to play music. her songs are all needing an orchestra. mine all needing a tavern.

jason awoke to a jovial crew. the wine having done its trick. they ordered pizza. we talked and waited for the pizza. Nalalia was talking about her choir and songs and arangements while waving her finger in the air pete came charging into the driveway putting two bright spot lights on natalia as she conducted the pretend orchestra in her head.

once the pizza arrived they turned on a television show on the computer. like the internet never was. next will come beer advertisements, super bowl games, and presidential elections. but anyways. the show went on...something about time travel and some bald guy running around a cemetery... all was fine and exciting until


a car crash.

6 friends dead, myself having survived 6 crashes myself. having seen dead bodies. broken bones and blood covered faces and here it was being used as a climatic scene in a generic broadcast tv show. ptsd is a bitch. it's like a parrot that only squawks when you don't want him to. like a chalk board that's only made for scratching.


the scenery. the lighting. the sets. the costumes. the photography. all that's interesting I guess. but the story. the acting . the direction. it's always miscalculated in my view. too much at once. the actors never say their lines right. they never have the right punctuation. they don't stress the right words. they pause and blink too much. it's not real like it is in my head. when you read you're stopping yourself and giving yourself a moment to think. when you watch you're not thinking. you're reacting. it's like the difference between eating and being fed. to me that is.

every day I wake up feeling reminded by something of how tough I am. or how tough I have to be. most things unwanted. every direction exhausted. all avenues explored. every experience granted now charted and having now become ashed remains. most of the real magic in safe keeping. like a secret not worth telling because no one knows the story anyways. like a joke without a punchline. every step. every breath. every thought. all a thing unto itself.

socialists anarchists


7:29 PM

1st genealogy born. flood. elvis. moved to the country

2nd scar burned. dads thumb. house. lost diaper adventure, tricycle in the driveway w/ an 18 wheeler


4th school early. tricia. driving pops boat dad skiiing behind


6th piano, tricia stops playing, dad santa castle grey skull, modeling or macys

7th modeling

8th family breaks up,,car stranded winter no electricty forgot the keys,

9th wesley dies, the stokes family, remarries



12th amy brown

13th smoking pot, punk rock negative creep/cold and ugly, 4leanna, her friend, 3jamie, 2candy, 1avery morris

14th the shmidt family

15th heather


17th crystal, mellow yellow, micha, john, pot, joe the monster truck meth dealer

18th acid



21st acid bicycle drunk trailor park skinhead funk band


23rd - puppy katt , 8 am practices, dads basement squashed tarantual ,dream man

24th heroin, dead meat

25th dead meat

26th dead meat

27th hevy duty, tacky






ohhi forever

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I can be whoever whereever whatever I want when I want. forever and ever amen.

I had asked a guy over the internet that was in Israel if he thought 10:30 was too early in the morning to start drinking. he told me he thought I was being childish. so I chastised him.

"What about Charles Bukowski?"
"well look at the musicians though. they didn't last very long" he replied.
"well thats cuz they didn't have enough method to their madness." i stated in defense as I popped the cork and started enjoying my beverage.

the phone rang. It was Natalia. acting chipper as usual.

"what are you doing?" she asked.

"What do you think I'm doing?" I asked rhetorically.

"drinking wine?" she responded. I could tell she was smiling on the other end.

"how old are you 23? 24?" I gingerly commented.

"I'm 29." she said with a long ending nine.

birthdays. I stopped counting mine years ago.

I hadn't been invited or else I probably would've tried to show more restraint concerning the bottle I'd bought the day before. but I knew once I saw her number come up on my phone that my invitation had finally arrived.

"do you want to come with us? some friends of mine are throwing me a little get together"

after some fun discussion I finally agreed to take a shower and put on some clothes and meet them once I had myself together. on my way to the shower I was greeted by my indifferent room mates. boasting with laughter. then quieting once I passed through. I took a nice long shower. something I don't normally do. I guess the wine had slowed me down enough to enjoy it this time. once I got out I could sense the quietness outside again. I went back in my room passing by sour looks and blasted some exciting music. "Sightings / Absolutes" while the music blasted I had trouble figuring out what went with what as far as clothes were concerned.

brown blazer. yellow tie. blue button up.


blue shirt yellow tie brown cardigan.

no. that didn't work either.

I noticed the time and went with a tried and true. whatever works.

as I was brushing my teeth I noticed a humongous zit had emerged on my right nostril. "now thats just great." I said under my breath to myself as I spit out a mouth full of tooth paste.

I got my keys, my drugs, took one last quick sip of wine and headed down stairs.

knock knock. Natalia greeted me. looking as rushed and confused as ever. yet calm and resolute. Scott gave me a warm greeting. everyone smiling. I was tired though. and made no illusions that I wasn't.

we gathered ourselves and made our way to the train.

the train was jam packed with people. standing room only. we slid our way into the middle of the aisle and braced feet as the doors closed and the train started to ride. along the way Natalia told me of a new song that she had written which she sang into my good ear. the train was screaming but her soft melody was transcending and I listened carefully as we roared under the ocean.

once we got to town Scott left us to pick up his bike and we gave each other some simple farewells. I followed Natalia up the escalator and around the bend. I'd follow her nearly anywhere. cause where ever she's going there's fun to be had. once we got to a certain street we turned left and were faced with a very steep hill to climb. I turned and walked it backwards. She walked up behind me talking the entire way. even when she's out of breath she's got words she's trying to spit out. she was telling some story about how she saw some friend of hers and she couldn't tell if the person had seen her or was ignoring her and how she had helped her move into the house next door to the house we were going to.

as she finished her story we arrived. at which point we were very graciously welcomed by her hosts. The place was immaculate. great furniture. wide open spaces. good music playing. a giant back yard. with beautiful trees. After scoping out the place one of her hosts opened up a bottle of champagne. I worried that that might be all there was to drink. but my fears were quickly resolved when he offered "hey we've got lots to drink. there's champagne. we've got white wine. red wine"

"red... please" I said feeling relieved.

a nice tall dark glass of red wine appeared in a nice glass that I quickly took to sipping on as I went back to scoping out my new surroundings. they talked about everything that came to mind. I did my best to not seem out of place. They seemed friendly enough though so I didn't worry too much.

as they were discussing the choir and a certain member in particular named Sarah that Natalia laughed "the hot one". which I guess everyone was in agreement with me about since it was enough of a consensus for Natalia's joke to be fully understood. A knock on the door. and speak of the devil in came the hot one dancing and bursting with energy. the volume of the conversation immediately changed. suddenly there were 3 conversations happening at once. in 3 different directions. all mostly being directed by the girls in the room.

I sat and tried not to stare. I had noticed her at the show a few weeks prior. but then again who didn't. they were talking about things I always have no where to go with. work. college. school. places I've never been. things I've never seen. people I've never met. But I did my best to nod and inject whenever I saw fit without being imposing. another knock. and more beautiful women.quickly the house was filled with beautiful women all with warm spirits and heart felt smiles. Some just stopping in for a moment. some pouring themselves drinks and settling in. Her mother and sister stopped by along with her little niece who must have been 1. maybe 1 and a half at the most. we laughed as her niece put on Natalia's shoes as Natalia put on her tiny shoes. the way they waddled in perfect unison being the funniest of all. like a school of fish. the gene pool never being more obviously conveyed.

Scott dished out some excellent looking orderves. some kind of fruit with goat cheese and what looked like parsley or mint. they looked excellent but I passed on them anyways. Natalia sang her new song for everyone. and we all sat and stood quietly. except for her niece who much like her aunt demands attention. her sister took her off to enough of a distance for Natalia to get through her new song and we all enjoyed it and genuinely applauded once she was finished.

The drinks kept coming and I kept drinking. I asked him what kind of wine he was serving. If it was french or Californian. He seemed to think it was local. If it was local it was a good blend. not quite as meaty as I prefer it but tasty and not too sweet and not at all spicy.

One of the guests was boasting about her worldly travels. another complaining about how she's never been adventurous enough. the night smoothly running it's course till it was time for her family to leave with the tiring child. And with them leaving they left all of us feeling like we could smoke and drink a little more casually.

The music got louder as did the conversation. laughing out loud. joy being passed around in glasses and through pipes. My eyes kept wandering in the same direction even though they were surely unwarranted. So I kept drinking and smiling with smiling people. politics in music. politics in politics. why what songs were being played and who was playing them. the city. the country. what the future will be like. and how the past looked so far.

on our way home. the moon was as full and bright as I've ever seen it. street lights weren't necessary. I stopped in one of the liquor stores along our way back to the train and grabbed me the cheapest bottle of red french wine they had. not a bad selection just as Scott said before I rushed in. on the train we found seats and felt good. good people. doing good things for good people. why do we have to wait for the day that we're born to celebrate being alive?..

ohhi forever

10:42 PM |

I sold myself off. I gave it away. I put up the cost. it's all a matter of what's right? what's true? what matters? when you really get down to it. there's nothing more powerful then truth. there's nothing more inhibiting or refreshing. nothing more important. you can't fuck with truth. you either have it or you don't. how much time is left? how many minutes? forever you say? is that all?

I gave you my life. it wasn't enough. my life has never been enough for anyone. no matter where I roam. I ask. I beg . I demand. its all the same. life is pathetic. life ais a joke. life is meaningless. life is a fart. life is an orgasm. life comes and it goes. no one know no onw cares. nore willl they ever. its as meaningless as slicing a goats throat for satan. its as meaningless as jerking off. you know the girl on your computer screen doesn't know you. but you like watching her get fucked anyways. cuz for one brief shining moment you're not the one getting fucked. no one cares . nor will they ever. its all a meaningless game. whos ahead this time? whos ahead right now. what does that even matter? as long as they don't have nuclear weapons to prove their point. I fought for love. I fought for it in all of my actions. but I was never good enough. I never mattered enough to anyone to be worth fighting for. not to the fat fuck in missouri not to the only woman who ever tried to love me in california.

she tried at least. I guess I'm just not born to be loved. I guess what I'm worth is wrthlessness. I prove that you can in fact be comepletely and utterly useless to the world. and yet still try to Have a point. I shake hands. I greet people with smiles. I show kind gestures. I show people my good intent. never is it enough. never is my attempt to live a fullfilling life worth the effort. never is my attempt to eb worthy of someone elses time been proven truthful. so here I am . and there I go. like a fart in the wind. like an aborted fetus that was spared life. like a dead fly spattering and flapping his wings. fighting for that last breath. fighting for the reason. the only reason any of us will ever know. to stay alive? a fly fights for the right to exist so that it can eat shit! is that all I am. a fly. I came in and I came out of your window. you shoed me away aw quick as you could. without reason. just because I invaded your space. I asked you for permission to exist. I asked you if you could see me. I asked you if you knew I was there. and you responded YES but that you wish I hadn't. every where I've gone everything I've done. was all for my own ammusement. too bad I was the subject of liars and thieves. heartless vandals that would just as soon slit my throat then offer me a meal. no beginning no end. because there was no meaning. no meaning what so ever. no beginning no end because there was no value bestowed upon me and mine. my thoughts. my love. my ambition. all self generated. for self gratiification. just as all humans act. nothing special . nothing important. just antother grain of sand on a desert island yet having been discovered. and even when discovered labeled something else. and treated as an object.

nothing matters. there no reason to even write this passage. there's no reason to een think these thoughts. it will never matter to no one. the end.

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police are paid taxes.

you need taxes to defend yourselves from rapists and murders.

taxes cant be voluntary otherwise the cops wont get paid. and the rapists and murderers wont be afraid to committ rape and murder.
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No, people like you and I want defense from murderers and rapists. You do not need to rob people, create a coercive monopoly on defense, or operate on death threats (pay us or go to a cage or get shot) to defend people from murders, thieves, and other aggressive actors. It makes no sense especially then the organization itself is structured to do that.
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*especially when the oragnization itself is structured to engage in those same aggressive actions.
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taxes is not thievery. taxes are an investment. thats all. they're a necesary investment that keeps your societies Insured against certain predictable threats. its like the difference between having a bridge and NOT having a bridge.
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well the thing is is that once you change peoples minds... then what? If you don't make it "Law" then it doesn't matter what the majority knows or doesn't they're gonna be confronted by a hostile private sector and government. so you have to make it law and then you have to enforce it. and back your enforcement with the threat of lost liberty. you have to make it clear.
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I agree I am all for making non aggression "the law".
oldhacks (2 minutes ago) Show Hide
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you have to enforce it. how do you enforce law if not by threat of losing your liberties?
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Many are from Ron Paul, some are from Gravel (since he had a smaller following, others have been anarchists before 2008, and others just came from other routes.
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I was in a punk band where I climbed out of an 8 foot tall smoking vagina in a dress on stage. our singer wore a diaper and an eye patch. we travelled the country doing China White Heroin and stealing food and sleeping on couches.. the dwarves told us that we were their favorite band. do you understand? thats anarchy.

we sang ballads about child molestation and got in fist fights and left FOOD BOMBS where if the bar didn't pay us right we'd stash milk jugs of waste under their stage. "anarchy"
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That is not political anarchism or what any major anarchist political thinker has written about. I don't care about labels anyway but the conepts. Please engage in the concepts, not labels and semantics.
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in the KKK's eyes they were acting out of self defense from the freedoms they'd lost to washington..

why are you so afraid of the Majority of Americans making their own laws?

wouldn't yo prefer to live in a country where everyone has a say rather then just living in either A) an elitist piece of shit government like we have now or B) a nation of roaming gangs where nothing is orderly and everything is dependent upon the judgement calls of local war lords? these fantasies of yours arent healthy
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dude you're worse then Bill CLinton when it comes to acting like you dont know things that we both know that you do!

Switserland most certainly did form naturally and stayed afloat by the peoples willingness to go along with their forms of traditions and values. don't try and act like there's no example of what I'm talking about. YOU'vE GOT SOMALIA I've GOT SWITZERLAND

MAKE your choice..
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I don't think the Jews or Federal Reserve control the world so I don't know why you brought that up. Switzerland do not form on a consent basis.  Somalia is a decentralized statism, not an anarchism though its living standards improved after the central government fell but it is hardly what I advocate.
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I brought up Ron Paul for the same reason that you brought up Mike Gravel. the anarchists are from ron pauls left over shit campaign.

it went 9/11 loose change - alex jones -
"mr. free markets" ron paul - campaigns over... anarchism. thats how its gone, so the question is. where does this school of fish have left to go? what ideas have they not devoured yet as a young angry mob out to conquer where ever they roam? hopefully it'll be democracy. because then they'll actually change shit
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the KKK was a voluntary militia that hung people that they deemed deserved it. YES in fucking DEED the fucking KKK were a bunch of make it up as you go along fuck the laws and fuck washington DC ANARCHISTS

thats the company you keep. the KKK and you. snuggled up tightly. with ron paul reading you fantastic tales about the federal reserve and jewish alumni's that control you're lives.
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you act like anarchism is some NEW fucking development when anarchism has been around since the very beginning of this state.

people that cant work, artists, degenerate, outcasts. they all turn to anarchism. because anarchism at its core is individualism. it teaches you that "why should you care what your society thinks or does because they're all stupid". and I agree except for when IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE THE LAW that you fucking SHOULD. because its COMMON FUCKING SENSE
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I am all for changing our current society. I don't know if I completely agree with your quote, and it is not the "definition of anarchism" (Greek for no rulers) but I am in agreement that it can and should be changed. The difference is I want a system based on consent and mutual aid (that can include majoritiarian democracy over individuals who consent to the system), not institutionalized aggressive violence. Either way it requires changing minds.
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well how are you goin to change it without democracy? huh genius? answer me that? how you gonna get ANYTHING to change unless the majority of people are willing to go a along with it? otherwise you're pissing in the wind.

institutionalized aggresion AGAINST RAPISTS AND MURDERS

you really like to leave that part out.

Yea its a crying shame that we have people that are trained to beat the shit out of rapists and murderers. yea I feel terrible for them murderers and rapists . they got it bad.
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No the murders and rapists commited aggression. I am not saying they should be freed. The murders and rapitists commited aggression against others, acting against them after that is defense, not aggression. I think you need to look up the common definition of aggression.
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You are conflating your idea of democracy with changing people's minds and a consent based system for non aggressive people. If that is your new definition of democracy then I agree with democracy. If it still includes cocercion against non aggressive people then no.
oldhacks (52 minutes ago) Show Hide
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the common law IS non-aggression.

laws against RAPE thats NON-AGGRESSION tard

laws against murder = NON-AGGRESSION

to have police you need taxes.

taxes keep rape and murder illegal dumbshit.
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There are programs within the state that are aggressive in nature such as corporate welfare, protection of land monopolies, etc. That is not all current law is. Additionally barring others services from coming about to deal with murder and rape is aggression itself. You do not need taxes (involuntary payments) to fund protection services. We have also been over this a few dozen times.
oldhacks (44 minutes ago) Show Hide
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and those programs can EASILY be abolished if we were in charge.

barring others services from dealing with rapists and murders. dude you have flown off the fucking deep end you know this?

so rape and murder are a profit margin now? companies should be able to compete based on results and merit pay for how well they privately deal with rapists and murderers. yea we tried that once it was called the KKK!

slap* slap* slap* SNAP OUT OF IT DUDE!
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No that is not what the KKK did. It committed aggression. They can be non profit or for profit as long as they do not commit aggression and only engage in defending people from or responding to aggression. Majority, involuntary law making over what is tied to people's labor is not the same as just "convincing people". It is aggression.
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Well by state I don't mean size as much as I mean this
an aggressive violent monopoly or near monopoly of certain services over land not tied to labor or over individuals who have not consented which, by the general public conception, does so in a manner not considered to be legitimate for other groups of humans or individuals to engage in.
oldhacks (47 minutes ago) Show Hide
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I know your definition of state. I just don't see how you're version of statehood is in any way comparable to mine...

the only statehood that matters is

"we the people"

when do people and cultures turn into states? when they start raising taxes? but taxes emerge whether through a government b the people or by the private sector so which is it?
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That is dependent on how you define taxation, if you mean involuntary payments then no. No society has developed into a statism on a voluntary, consensual basis. It has either formed through conquest, minority or majority forced revolution, or other forms of aggression that made it legitimate for only a certain number of people to engage in while others could not.
oldhacks (53 minutes ago) Show Hide
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how are you going to exapnd that without democracy? it's impossible. stop wasting time! tell people the TRUTH.
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By convincing people not to support the initiation of force against pot users. It depends by what you mean by the word democracy. From you idea of it you support it being coercive so not by your definition or idea of it.
oldhacks (43 minutes ago) Show Hide
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convincing people = thats democracy.

convincing people is coercive. we should let people voluntarily decide whether they should be allowed to force someone... jesus christ you fuckers spin a tangled web. circles and circles anc circles just never ending. but never actually saying or Doing ANYTHING.
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It depends what you mean by disrespecting the law. I do "do things my own way" if you will. The corporate-state set up is not voluntary under any conception of Lockean, communal, or another set of property rights. To suggest we have a free society is laughable will so much ruling over indiviuals and what is tied to their labor.
oldhacks (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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disrespecting the law.

the laws as they stand today are all written for of and by the rich correct? and thats why they're shitty laws right?

so you take the law making ability out of the hands of the elites and you give it to the ordinary man whos looking out for his ordniary interests. WA fucking LAH! problem fucking solved. YOU KNOW THIS SHIT ALREADY! how in the fuck did you DIGRESS? you de-evolved!? you went BACK WARDS in your capacity to REASON... like a paul tard voting for McCain.
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Because both a rich elite dictating orders to non aggressive people or a majority dictating laws to non aggressive people is a violation of my opposition to aggression. In anarchism, or whatever you wish to call it, the common law would be aggression. Any law requiring a positive obligation from ones labor would need to be consented too. As long as positive obligation is consented too then I have no problem with it.  Using political imperialism I do have a problem with.
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*the common law would be non aggression
kyeot (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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All I really see you doing is trying to pass off democracy as anarchy. If there are no rulers by your definition of anarchy, then no one man can make law, and if you accept the majority decision in making law then that is a democracy.

The real question here should be, why are you trying to sell off democracy as if it were Anarchy?
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My god oldhacks see this is why I don't know if you are trolling or have a terrible memory. We have been over this about a dozen times as well. Murder, rape, and other aggressive crimes would be illegal de facto under anarchism because they are aggressive actions against people and what is tied to their labor without consent. The common law if you will would be non aggression. Laws that require positive obligations would have to be consented too.
oldhacks (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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my god Nothing dude. I'm TIRE TIRE TIRE of this crap. everyone needs to stop fucking talking about how great it "could be" like punkrockoutlaw76 where every time he starts a sentence it's "Imagine a world where...blah blah"

I'm not IMagining anything. I'm Seeing Results! 2 dollar wine by LAW. marijuana made legal by LAW. soon to have the first bullet train in the fucking country BY LAW. WAKE THE FUCK up Florida college boy. You don't know SHIT!
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The problem is hacks, is that you think you need a state to makes these things legal. Any system, coerced or not requires ideological support. In order to get pot legal (and excusing you simplistic view of the wine case) you have to convince people which has been going on. I and he are not against that, but you don't need a state to do that.
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With or without our current system you need ideological support to decriminalize non aggressive actions and we just wish to expand that all the way into a free society.
oldhacks (54 minutes ago) Show Hide
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I dont think I need a state. open the borders. who the hell cares. as long as they're willing to sign up so we know who they are when they cross over. I have no problem with having a relaxed and simple immigration policy so wtf r u talking about?

what "state" America? sure. thats where I'm from. it sits in the middle of Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico aren't dropping their borders. so even if we drop ours the borders will still stand due to their statehood. RE- A - Li - TY. come look
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Hacks you are one to say someone is brainwashed. I was a supporter of Mike Gravel's ideas at one time and to an extent I still am. I probably put more videos out on Gravel than any other user besides Gravel himself. Your problem is that you are ignorant of the ideas of anarchism and for whatever reason you refuse to understand them or be reasoned. You have hardly progressed in your criticisms of anarchism that you started months ago unlike other people who have more learned critiques.
oldhacks (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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I'm not a supporter of Mike Gravels Ideas. He introduced me to Democracy and I've incorporated it into my way of thinking. it's called Learning. adapting. Progressing even.

you've never done anything even REMOTELY anarchist in your entire life dude. so quit mouthing. just a bunch of birds chirping away. playing that grade school game "telephone" its fucking ridiculous!

laws emerge. dont you want a say in the laws that emerge from your society? cmon polo shirt anarchist. spit it out.
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Well yes you have moved into worse ideas than Gravel had, but NI4D was his main goal. I should have been more specific. All of that is depending on what you mean by doing something anarchist. Luckily there are still actions that are voluntary and cooperative that you can engage without state, religious, and corporate coercion. Spreading ideas and learning yourself is the most important action I can see one doing.
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Now, organizing is something that I haven't been able to do because there are not a lot of anarchists or (whatever term you wish to use) in my area but the numbers are growing. It went around zero from 2 years app. a few dozen on campus alone. This is exactly what I am referring to when I say you are still in a state of ignorance. We have been over this probably a dozen times. Anarchism does not ban laws or having a say.
oldhacks (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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worse ideas how you loud mouth?

anarchism is living on your by your own accord.

disrespecting the law.

disavowing yourself from your surroundings and doing things your own way.

that has, is and forever will be the true nature of anarchism. voluntaryism is fucking cop out. thats what we have NOW. right NOW you can volunteer to donate to causes. and your boss and Volunteer how much he pays and how much he owns. when are you fuckers gonna stop talking and start ACTING. thats what i wanna know
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Anarchism is Greek for no rulers, not no rules or regulations depending on what you mean by the term. Means of exchanges would garner their value by how well they are managed which would lead people to adopt them. You do need acceptance, but you don't need coercion to achieve that. The currency would gain its legitimacy through how it is maintained just as any other service.
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Again you need to actually look into political anarchism more. Still it is getting away from what we were discussing earlier. Trashing collecting would exist under an anarchism because people would demand trash pickup and there will be people willing to provide that service.
oldhacks (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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such a bunch of crap.

why do you want rapists and murderers to go free? answer me that. why should rape and murder be legal?
sonygvf (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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Good video.
oldhacks (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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kyeot (4 hours ago) Show Hide
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The city pays people to pick up trash, it is not voluntary. They pay them a decent wage becuase they no its a crap job. They pay them with fiat money that has a value in this society. With your logic people would accept buttons as payment and be happy about it, which is totally unrealistic.

Paychecks wont exist under anarchism, because money wont exist or have value. It sounds like to me your trying to take a word "anarchism" and manuplate the meaning to serve your own ideal purpose.
IndividualAutonomy (3 hours ago) Show Hide
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I never said the way it is paid is voluntary, it is not. Those that decide to work as trash collectors is voluntary. There is no coercion to force people to be trash collectors. Button could be used as a means of exchange though it probably wouldn't used because it could be duplicated easily. Paychecks very well could exist under anarchism.
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I suggest you actually read anarchist monetary thinkers like Benjamin Tucker, Murray Rothbard, and Lysander Spooner for starters. Even anarchists that preferred voluntary communism talked of notes as payment options. There would be no involuntary central banks like we have know.
oldhacks (3 hours ago) Show Hide
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you ever read about the history of the american socialist movement. the union wars. the class war fare. the spanish americans that fought on our side in the mexican american war. the french that openly traded with the indians and accidentally wiped out half of them on their way back home.
oldhacks (3 hours ago) Show Hide
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who is edgar allen poe if he's not an american? hunter s thompson, william burroughs.

we are a gang. a gang of degenerates that all escaped the racism of the nations we our ancestors originated from.
kyeot (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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If you intend to use a check to pay someone you need some sort of currancy that is accepted by the majority, and if you have such a system that is a democracy. Paychecks couldnt exist under anarchism because in "Anarchism" there are no established laws or regulations. If you think there are you are manipulating the meaning.
oldhacks (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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dude I think its great that you're giving them the benefit of the doubt that they can actually understand "reason" but you and I both know that these fuckers are all one step away from being declared mentally challenged.

they're like scientologists. they've all been brain washed. some will eventually come out of it and thats where we come in. but yea. you gotta make it plain

you want money? you need democracy. regardless the size.
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321 now..
0ldhack (6 hours ago) Show Hide
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you really are just totally and completely fucking pathetic. who the fuck are you to come comment on my shit like you're somebody and you got something to say when nobody has a fucking CLUE who you are yet Everyone knows who I am and where I stand! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?

You're a fucking NOBODY and you'll DIE A FUCKING WORTHLESS ASS NOBODY WITHOUT SHIT TO SAY. YOu've wasted you're entire fucking life NAY SAYING everyone around you. while YOU YOURSELF HAVNE'T DONE SHIT! Go suck a cows COCK
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and I've got my shirt off because there's a fucking Heat wave going on here in the bay. white trash. do you even know what white trash is you worthless piece of shit? yea white trash. fucking Henry Rollins has appeared a million times in a million different places with his shirt off. Is he White trash you stupid fuck? "OH well no thats henry rollins. you're not henry rollins" Fucking poser. you got no BALLS dude. you got NONE! you might as well be a Kitten at the Pound. You're so god damn useles
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I think you need lay off the intoxicants for a bit to better think your arguments. Although, i guess theres no harm in entertaining us all with your half-witted ramblings with your shirt off.

This totally screams "IM WHIIITE TRAAASH!"

0ldhack (6 hours ago) Show Hide
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god I hate you people. so fucking ignorant. it's like talking to a bunch of children on a play ground trying to explain to them how things work.

go live in your pretend lord of the flies bullshit fantasy. I'm trying to explain to people how to ACTUAL HAVE AN EFFECT. fucking worthless ass mother fucking CHUMP
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view count frozen at 304 for over 24 fucking hours now...
BlackImperium (11 hours ago) Show Hide
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a man that many anarchist seem to favor once said:
"seems like the more
i think i know
the more i find i don't
every answer opens up so many questions anarchy sounds good to me
Then someone asks, "who'd fix the sewers?"
"would the rednecks just play king
of the neighborhood?"
how many liberators
really want to be dictators
every theory has its holes
when real life steps in"
oldhacks (9 hours ago) Show Hide
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that sounds an awful lot like Aristotle's teachings.
christopher81818 (19 hours ago) Show Hide
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All I have to say is you were bought off. Very cheaply I might add. It's gonna take a lot more than a 2 dollar bottle of piss and a bag of mid-grade to get me to make a whore out of my soul. Have fun with your "democracy" tonight though.
oldhacks (15 hours ago) Show Hide
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cheaply? the legalization of booze and marijuana is the tip of the fucking ice burg. you fight the law by making Better ones. that way everyone agrees to them. I'm Drunk and I can grasp this. Its fucking pathetic listening to people give excuse as to why they shouldn't have top FIGHT
AndyMH182 (20 hours ago) Show Hide
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"cure cancer" yes or no?

Dude. Luxuries like living from cancer aren't something we can just vote ourselves. And even if we could, voting it would suck up sooooo many resources compared to a free market that we'd lose sooooo many other luxuries.

Understanding economics will bring us all the greater wealth and SOL. We just have to accept the fact that we have to work for it.
oldhacks (15 hours ago) Show Hide
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why aren't they?

who says they're not? You? and you alone? should you Andy be the lone decider on whether we make a seriouslt well finded effort towards finding cures to ainceient deadly diesases? You andh you alone Andy? No one else should be able to decide whether or not cancer is as worthwhile fight? "well oh it should be Voluntary" yea Fuck voluntary god damn cowards are Afraid of using FORCE! well I'm not and fick you for being so god damn insensitive.
mconn2112 (21 hours ago) Show Hide
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If it wasn't for govt. intervention, lots of people could make 2 buck chuck themselves and not pay 2 dollars for someone else'e wine.

Also, the fact that govt. regulates or even made marijuana illegal is pathetic. The drug trade generates a lot of revenue for the govt. Why do you think the shit is still illegal?
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Come by sometime. Tonight would be good. Youtube message me and I will give you the link and we can discuss it if you wish.
CeruleanFawkes (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Foolishly composed.
Anon1696 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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It's funny to see all the retarded motherfuckers on this comment board.
Ad homs, infinite "what if" questions due to peoples' lack of creativity, the cheering on of oldhacks after he makes himself look foolish.
(If you can't already see why, check punkoutlaw76's response to this video)
crimmas (1 day ago) Show Hide
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lol anarchists
My favorite is "if you remove government, the people will govern themselves".

*raises hand*

Ummm.... so the people will form a new government? What's your plan then? Remove each government as it comes along? Like digging holes in sand? It refills itself and you dig again, getting nowhere? Come on.
Anon1696 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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It is almost like unlimited secession.
However, it takes a lot of belief (ideology) in a state and force at the margins for a state to form as a result of it being seen as legitimate.

You should probably do some research before you make more comments like that.
Marked as spam
government/governance=/=state. The only problem anarchists have with the state is it's coercive nature, allow governments to be voluntary to pay and there's no problem.
kyeot (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Pretty much, I wouldn't do it, chances are you wouldn't either.
Marked as spam
No I wouldn't but there are people who do it even in our current society. They do it for the pay check which would not be banned in an anarchism. The state doesn't force people to collect trash. It is mostly done on a voluntary basis.
crazypants88 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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same old same old, oldhacks
oldhacks (1 day ago) Show Hide
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yea but this time with wine :)
chrisnatti (1 day ago) Show Hide
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old hack for president please.
fancynot (1 day ago) Show Hide
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good, guy ! by the way, if you don't accept me for friend, i just can't send you personal messages. right ?
kyeot (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Anarchy is fun, until your toilets overflow and no one picks up the trash. Get a clue mutafukas!
Marked as spam
Yes because trash collecting services and plummers are forbetten in an anarchism.
BenderBurgers (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Well, they can like you but not your views.Or maybe your just a hot chick.
MidiPunk (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Gubment buds??? You've got it made.
I'd give my left nut for a weed card. Not an option in KY, yet.
KathyGurl14 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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What was the question you asked? If it was something about roads, wages, police, or any of the other things they have been answering for the past few months; that is probably why.
eragon2121 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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No it was about how do they intend to fend against foreign invaders and were do they think all the nuclear weapons in the USA are going to go. And they automatically shouting at me and calling me brainwashed.
Marked as spam
Those are fair questions. Do you ever go on stickam?
eragon2121 (1 day ago) Show Hide
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Not really
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