last night I had a dream that I was locked away in John McCains privately owned prison. I kept getting in fights where I was getting pummeled by skinhead fucks. For a moment I was in the yard where I seen "McCain prison facility" and I saw John and his wife taking time for a photo op. for some strange reason the prison was located in my sisters basement though so when I went up to the yard I had to go through my sisters kitchen and family room though. I was woken up by my down stairs neighbor blasting some kind of show tune sounding music though so it was short and sweet.

then after I fell back asleep I dreamed that I was playing a christmas show in some gymnasium and that a girlfriend was cheating on me with Tommy Lee. I followed him into the bathroom and overheard her saying to him "dont worry he wont figure it out" then I walked out from where I was hiding and said "I wont figure out what?" to which they both just walked out. I walked with Tommy and pestered him trying to get info out of him but he was embarrassed and wouldn't talk.

then I proceeded to play my set for a lovely crowd but it was all songs I'm completely unfamiliar with. mostly blues songs. Then I was in the parking lot an dsome how it was me and the girl looking for a place and arguing about this and that while checking out the place.