in the beginning there was nothing.

then god created. man. also known as an anarchist.

then there were two anarchists. oh yay. someone to trade and make things with.

but then came a third. and with that came the blessings of competition.

but then a fourth came and they were even once again. all free to trade and compete and build together.

but then came a fifth. and with that fifth member came the all encompassing curse of eternal damnation known as mob rule.

and all these people were stuck living in a geographical location.

says who?

well we've got french people up north

and spaniards down south that say we do. and they've already formed a mob and they're organized. and they would love the opportunity to take our shit so we had better form our own mob so we can defend ourselves against all the other mobs around the world.

so since we're stuck here we should make some agreements.