"it would be so easy my love if we were together. I could just tickle and poke you and you'd start being nice" i said digressing my qualms in dealing with the consequences in being in love with a very stern yet brilliant woman that lives so far away. denying my powerlessness to immediately change her attitude.

"you do that and I'll knock your teeth into the back of your throat" she says nonchalantly.

"oh the things you say to me love. my heart flutters" I happily respond.

"you are so sick baby. I'm talking about knocking your teeth in and all you hear is puffy hearts floating in your mouth."

tee orchen krastivaya
( kra cee vie ya )
ya ti bie lublu


"red light green light. thats all guys want. just want to fuck and go"

we can be perverts together and no one can call us perverts anymore. we go beyond the grade. the exception to the rule. harmony in disruption. unity in displacement. loving being loved and loving the person for loving you. and loving the person by showing them what your love looks like.

secrets. forbidden fruits. evil deeds. all done in good spirits. accomplishing nothing but the thrill that comes from being alive. wasting time thinking about it only makes it worse. doing it only makes it happen. so either way you're fucked.either way you're not gonna win.

"you might as well get in a good donkey punch while you can. cuz that's all you're really gonna get." my friend john from seattle tells me.

:she took all his money. and she's gone for like 8 hours. so he calls her and she gives him some sob story about how her eye was leaking. "she did have an eye infection though to be fair but still!? and then she tries to give me some Fake shit" the women will always get their way. as long as they have a pussy worth fucking. as long as they have a smile that doesn't scare children. as long as she isn't missing too many teeth. so that she can still perform a decent blow job. women will always get their way.

You don't watch when you're going down the slide. you just enjoy the ride. while you're climbing up you have already committed yourself to the dance. so the anticipation builds. and once you reach the top you see the other edge of the mountain. and you're free. the moment is yours. the world can't stop you. you've reached the top. and now there's nothing left to do but jump! throw your feet over the edge and let your self go free. to enjoy the splendor that comes from the ride. and she is my ride. and I'm climbing as fast as I can to get to the top of the ladder so that I can at least see the horizon. If I never get to jump then I will just later appreciate the anticipation I felt in having been tempted into achieving that goal. having a muse. having an announcement to make. not that needs to be heard nearly as badly as it is needing to be spoken.