I'd really like to just rape her with a broken plunger. all the way from her ass to the back of her throat. like a roasted pig. except instead of an apple I'd stick fresh cut razor blades in her mouth. and duct tape her mouth shut and make her chew. jab a sharpened pencil into her back repeatedly. cut up her face and poor gasoline on the wounds. tear the duct tape from her mouth and make her spit out the blades and with her hair firmly gripped in my hand whisper in her hear that she's only got moments left to live so she better enjoy them. she could spit blood in my face. scream from the top of her lungs. cry like a baby. none of it would matter. it would only serve to gratify me that much more. Please let me hear you scream. let me hear you moan until you're out of breath. and once you're out of breath shake you by your hair and piss on your face. let the piss and the blood stream down. cut off your ears so that you go deaf. piss in your eyes making you blind. the loss of blood making you weary. the flickering of the light letting you know that you're still alive. But I will be quick to remind you that for how long is up to me. what light you see is what light I allow you to see. the piss and the gasoline fumes gagging you as you try to gasp your last breath. hoping to survive. and the joy i derive from your false hope. knowing that at any moment that I can end your suffering. that you know nothing but suffering and that soon I will end your life completely. I think about you often my love. and the many ways in which I would love to return the anguish in which you bestowed me.