I was walking with friends through a building. We entered the last room and in it were women scntaliy clad in red sports bras and short red shorts. some with rollr skates on. All looking disappointed. I complained that no one was dancing. that I'd come all this way and only one guy was dancing. Someone mistook my complaining to mean that not enough men were dancing. I begrudgingly left and made my way to an army base at the top of a gigantic hill. Once I got inside the guard was quick to tell me I could leave if I was going to bitch about anything. I guess I was there to sleep. suddenly a man in full bhuddist gear grabbed me. I tried to get him to let go but the look in his eyes, He was desperately trying to tell me something. I noticed the way his chin sat. and his droopy eyes. It was my Father. we looked at one another. happy to be seeing each other in the flesh. I told him "look dad, I got old. ." I looked into a mirror. we were in my grandmothers house, but yet it was the old way my own childhood home's living room was set up. we both agreed I was getting older. "you got it worse then I did though." . "yea" he said as I looked at the crease flowing down under his eye. like a giant scar from a knife fight. yet the culprit being Time. then I heard my former room mates talking in their kitchen they were complaining about the ants and making assessments that it must be coming from my part of the building. Of COurse. Me and my dad were walking along a spiraling colluseum outside when my former room mate walked by saying something smarmy about my dads dress. "YOU CAN SEE HIM?" I jumped out of my skin. "this is my dead father. its a Ghost. a real Live ghost!!" She quickly ran back to her room to grab her camera. "No you can't take a pictuire of him he's a Ghost!" I shoute trying to save her some time. She quickly returned and snapped the photo and walked off in a bitchesh manner. only letting me glimpse at the undeveloped picture on the back of the camera in the memory. I could see a bright light in the picture but sure enough there he was. "See? it's just some con artist. He's probably been ten different peoples father this week" I was upset at her but then when I looked back at the man I assumed was my father, there stood a fat bald man who was obviously insane. He looked at me with a child like innocence. So obviously not my father. How Could I have been foole so easily about something that familiar. He grabbed at me and I pushed him away. I went into another building where there were guys and girls in what looked like waiter uniforms you'd find in fast food quarters. There was a pretty girl who I felt compelled to flirt with even though we didn't know each other. She turne to her friend and told him I was obviously insane. I guess my face was twitching or I must not have looked well at all because she reacted almost violently. I wondered about myself. How far I'd come down the ladder of success. How hideous I really was... I made my way through one final store within the corridor of the Colosseum. The crazy homeless man still following me. He sudenly rippe at my shirt. Grabbing it and choking me in a frantic manner. He pointed at the tables and thats when I noticed we were at a Train meet. I looked at him. It WAS him. I knew it! who the hell goes to train meets anymore? NO ONE. So I gave him a hug and he watched me leave. I walked along the outside of the building. there were some boxing gloves on the ground. two pair. I put on one of the pairs an began punching at no one. and crying my eyes out. the passerbys were all gocking for surely I must have looked insane. But I knew what I was doing. I was fighting the pain.

Some how I ended up sitting on an airplane. mid row. window seat. but on this plane every passenger had their own steering gauge. for safety purposes I imagined. in case the pilot wasn't watching then any one of us could grab our own steering wheels and fly the plane ourselves. It made perfect sense to me. But I had to keep fighting the urge to crash the plane. We were flying along the tips of the buildings below us. A skyscraper stood in front of us. and some steered the plane right into the fucking thing.

Thats when I woke up. startled and emotional. I rested my for arm on my for head. I heard the train whistle blow. it was 2 AM. Is that you dad? I said to myself.