Let's bomb Pakistan. We've got enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world 20 times. What are we waiting for? Let's drop them all at once. Who gives a fuck? but even then the people would still complain. The bombs didn't drop fast enough. the explosions weren't big enough. "hurry up and Die" they say. you only destroyed 9/10ths of the world. there were still some cockroaches left wiggling. they saved the best for last. one last hail mary of the nuclear football. here to devastate mankind.

Maybe I'll build a bomb in my back yard. Just strong enough to kill 10 people. Maybe then they'd listen.

Humans are worse than rats. At least rats know how to share space. at least rats know what love is. we can love like they do. Like the rats in the sewers. under piles of used paper and soaked in warm liquids. hidden beneath the cardboard in the rain. washing it all on top of us. we can love like they do. with our teeth and hands firmly grasping whatever piece of the world we have left. the rats don't wait. They're just here and now. Dressed in the sludge of their existence. eating and fucking the day away.