what can we do Courtney?
What can we do?
no matter what
"something good will come from this"
Yea? What? and When?
I've been standing here
for what seems like ages
waiting for the leaf to turn
to see the colors change
eat my cancer
We turned black
we're the ones draped in darkness
he escaped
his nonexistent memory only saw flowers in bloom
only saw the best in us all
was it betrayal
or was it destiny
was it anything at all?
has it dwindled?
so far, all the way down
into some miserable poet
from no where
with nothing to say
nothing that hasn't been heard before
he knew with every glance
with every breath
time was short
terminally mentally ill
a ticking time bomb
he was always in control
no one can take that from him
we can scream and spit on his grave
he's impervious.

like it were yesterday
like it were yesterday