it's all over now.
time to go home.
the lights are on.
he gave us his all and then said good night.
it just isn't any fun anymore.
any of it.
to take things so seriously.
we laugh now, just to ease the pain.
we lost the war.
it was just another trend.
it started dying from the word go.
and now the vultures are having an eating contest.
they chew on our remains.
the ones left standing.
to watch it all disappear.
oh how we hold on.
how we never forget.
vanquished by time.
the irrelevance in the eyes of eternity.
and nothing has happened since.
nothing that was worth noticing.
the billionaires and their toys.
dangling shiny objects in front of the docile crowd.
hypnotized by ignorance.
let them bleed
let them starve
no one taught us how to fight.
and we melted the entire system.
but now they all want it for free.
so the game is finished.
the only ones that make it to the top
are the ones who are placed there.
a million nine elevens
a million suicide cults
spitting in jesus' face.
while jumping head first into failure
never allowed to love
never allowed to be in the moment
fixated on the idea
that nothing lasts forever