so vain this world
that I stay in my room and write
with just enough hope
to get hurt again
that someone would love me
someone uglier than me
the ugliness of the world
printed on our faces
it's reflection
in our drooping eyes
sour lips
and biting tongues
the bitterness shining through
with hope tucked away
hidden deeply in the iris
not letting anyone through
not letting anyone know
of what's left

now that the parade has vanished
now that the sounds and the joy has evaporated
into ancient history
we were all one
now we're nowhere to be found
shattered into a million tiny pieces
to think that we were kings
in this dirty jacket
in these worn out clothes
stood a piece of the puzzle
the mob in full force
forcing the direction of the tide
taking hold of all that was sacred
standing on mountain tops
claiming all the worlds treasures
and then,
from concrete to sand
from tall structures to foot prints
mispronounced and misinterpreted
nothing of what it was
everything must begin anew
to everything an ending
to everything remorse
to everything, shattered mirrors and burnt out candles
to everything no more