all the music
the art
the wars
it's all been for nothing
the stars
the sun
the moon
it's like they don't even need to exist
this perpetual black empty space
growing further into nothingness
a pounding on the ceiling
the train across the street
it's all been for nothing
we keep eating and fucking
we keep draining every ounce of purity we can find
until we're down to the core
and it displays itself rotten
the death of fruits
the waste of greenery
a toxic waste dump
swimming with people
stirring this empty glass
these moments they last forever
these words are omnipotent
because nothing stands before time
nothing but fossils and fertilizer
dried up on the vine
awaiting angry gods
this contemptuous fortitude
this big black empty space
we run in the streets
we parade
we riot
we cheer
and we grieve
over and over
the same way every time
with the blindness of a snail
the wit of a cockroach
the integrity of a black widow
what will we do with tomorrow
will we watch it bleed and turn to rot
just as we always have
More babies
give them more Eyes
so they can bare witness to the devastation
the self sacrifice
for the angry gods
plucking the apple from the tree
only to watch it rot.