and so I survive
I survive to taste the bread and drink the wine
to feel the sun soak into my skin
like the ants and the flies
like my cat in the window
like my neighbors next door
and across the street
we've all survived another day
I tell myself there's a reason
that there must be some great cause
that gives this time merit
that makes these breaths worthwhile
like a god
a dogmatic principle
there must be a reason
there must be some great answer to my calling out
but this world is silent like the trees
the wind blows and you can hear it's friction
the balance within violence
the big bang in a trickle on the street
a Million big bangs
all for no reason
no reason at all
so you can beg and scream and plead
you can go crazy arguing with the sun
but none of it will ever respond
we respond
we react
we split the atom and put telescopes over ant hills
we cause all these things
we cause all these things
we make it all up, as we go along
so to the paparazi
keep flashing those cameras
keep scribbling those pens
keep printing those ads
somebodies bound to catch on sooner or later