to the most carnivorous bitch that ever lived
the most blood thirsty
all my kindest words
mieux gentil
as always
to the most abused
despised creature
they see you as poison
a certain blood type
that should not exist
that lost flower
that crushed rose
that weed growing in the pavement
our living breathing imperfections
her high heels
her fake smile
her fragile exterior
like the preying mantis
drawing in her prey
then latching on
till death
and departed
I have nothing but kindness
for this rotten butterfly
yes she is evil
but it is pure
there is honesty in her intent
a yearning that won't cease
to steal
and borrow
to swallow and ravish
to stone to death
to burn at the stake
to drowned in the lake
to hunt and destroy
to obliterate from the earth
and never leave one hint of a trace
for rediscovery
how they would all seek to undo you
to dispose of your shrine
to devalue your conquests
to demoralize and humiliate
into wreckage
but they can't even begin to put together the simplest words
they don't have the slightest clue
they can't even begin to explain
because what they hate in you
is what they hate of themselves
oh to the queen of sin
the queen of debauchery and ruin
the most wasted of all tales
nothing comes close to the fragrance of your delight