all the best poems never reach the page
I come up with them while I'm drunk
sitting outside staring at the moon
taking long drags off of cigarettes
there I can find the time
the space
the room
to think of what I really want to say
the words that aren't just contrived
over conceptualized

the kind that really lets you know that I know whats up
that I'm not just some scab pulling a fast one
another leach looking to use you as a way in
what doors could you open for me anyways
every door you walk through gets slammed shut and sealed and barricaded

but alas none of those words even get passed my lips
they just rest there in that moment when I created them
those perfect words that forge the boundaries between us
the haves and the wants
fools gold
it's a mirage
I can see that
rainbows never touch the ground
the magic elixir
the cure all to all of our problems
you Made it
you took the world by storm
and they nipped at your heels all the way there
oh to be famous
to be admired
to be imaginary
to be perfect in the minds of others
in all directions
to be fought over
to be cared for
but still all the love in the world isn't enough for you
no one can touch your beauty
cause your beauty is in the street
and none of those clean garb wearing holier then thou types
those up on the hill
they ain't never been to skid row baby
they drove right by it
every time
while we bathed in it
relished even
those were our proudest moments
the little things
back when things mattered
when we were young and daring
when we had ideas and missions to accomplish
when we all walked with a vigorous stride
one by one
to the top of the moutain
waving our banners
singing our songs
hoisting those whom we saw fit to the top of the heap
and applauding whatever great speeches of victory
they had prepared to deliver us
oh how it was all so sweet
to rub the shit in their faces
and so while I watch from a curious distance
as you mingle with the stable crowd
how it is you don't constantly catch your own vomit
listening to the sounds of their voices
the nonsensical vindications of the next installment of egotism
we all look in the mirror
but only a very few like what they see
we can all do better
Be better
and so that's why we fight
fighting with ourselves
on the backs of others.