we All just should have died
they should have handed out handguns at lollapalooza
everyone pull the trigger at once on your order
Have it on pay per view
so those watching at home can kill themselves too
what good has come from surviving?
to watch it all decay
whither into dust
true stories shrouded by dementia
how we pass it on
how we make them memorize and tell it back to us
as if We know best
as if we were the ones that put everything in its place
telling and re-telling
until it barely resembles even one atom of truth
but they still ask for it
so here it comes
packagaed and delivered
watch out baby
cause it's coming for You

told through the eyes of a figurative analyst
what a tremendous waste of time
trying to get through to you
you don't even really exist
that girls gone
she vanished years ago
into a crack pipe in France

but damn you're hot when you're desperate
when you tell frances "I'm getting out the coat hanger"
on camera.
joking about tearing at your womb
with a steel hook
ripping at her limbs
tearing her out from your womb
so to escape this reality that's manifested
this obnoxious prouder than art thou product by design
nurtured by static and distance
it writes itself my dear
the shit writes itself.
just don't seem like anyone's paying attention

it's all a gag anyways
nothing means anything anymore
to anyone
how long can you wait
a minute?
an hour?
how long can you hold it in
until it just about busrt
whats it worth to you anyways
it's all a big headache
nothing but dreams and memories
for all time