"gay people are just greedy." said my buddy john up from Seattle.

so I had sex with this dude last night
it was alright
not too good looking
but he has a big dick

I've known him for awhile
still listens to that same old no name punk rock bullshit
same shit he's been listening to since he was a kid
the kind of bands like I was in
the sex was alright
but I have to say
I really just don't like having sex with men
not nearly as much as I do women
which makes me wonder how!
that Every woman on Earth isn't a Lesbian?

I honestly tried
in the 90s
back when everyone and every Thing was gay
I dated a guy for six months
and I was miserable
so I took drugs
I took in sluts and scumbags
and I wandered like a nomad
it would be so much easier
to just be a faggot
at least then I'd Know
but me?
naw, I'm just a pervert
the kind that no one understands
not even myself

so to Kurt's plight
his condition
his philosophy of "FUCK YOU WORLD"
for making things so complicated
the puritans and their generic existence
there's no such thing as gay sex
there's people having sex.
and people Not having sex.
fuck it
that's always been my motto
"it works in all scenarios" I said last night.

all this just to say
that it's easy for me to see
to understand
how they carry on
and how you wish they would answer
I can see why

find some love
make a baby
and get the fuck out