of course it's in vain
isn't it always
"don't let me down" Lennon cries
blood from a stone
dried up crusty wishes
unfolding into dust
the Cadillacs
the fancy houses
at least you're warm
and in a safe place
maybe that's what we envy
that you can be a strung out recluse
and yet still pay the rent

we all want to be taken advantage of
have our picture in the paper
be on the big screen
play in the arenas
but I think the crucifucks put it best
Democracy breeds bad taste
"the people are always wrong" Bukowski moaned
so me with my rotten decor
my itchy flesh
my crowd of 10 or less
I guess it's easier
but like the barfly wishing he had something to say
some small chunk of victorious wisdom
for just a tiny bit of gratitude
for all the dues having been payed
all the treachery endured
day in and day out
the infinite struggle
there must be some kind of pay off
some kind of way out

oh to be glamorous
is justice incarnate.