the egomaniac
I guess that's what's comforting
knowing that it's always there
waiting to be nestled and cared for
tenderly stroked
with half smeared lip stick
the pockets under your eyes
catching the mascara as it drips
a whine that just won't cease
a fist pounding on the floor
tie your shoes
eat your breakfast
try to be there on time
we are what we consume
and you've bought and sold the world ten fold
how boring it must get
counting and recounting
arguing while you trade
everyone's a liar
from the penthouse to skid row
just trying to get a piece for themselves
keep it in the family they say
count your blessings
He who has the most toys wins
but I break my toys
I like smashing them into little bits
and to see all the pieces
in a shattered pile
dead from my action
action without recourse
Take what you can
while there's still time!
that's progress