you are the perfect mother to that child
that's just how he would have wanted it
for Who are we if we're not angry and confused
who are we if we have nothing to fight for
he knew the fight was finished
and that we had won.
why spoil things by growing stale?
stay young and beautiful forever
give us that perfect moonlight
and so we dance in the darkness
and tell ghost stories
about heros and villains
that used to roam this land
we start fires and we wear makeup
we plot and we chisel
we all know it's fruitless
we all know that the moments long since past
but the children can see
they see everything we can't
like a sunrise in the future
the humor of it all
to think we did it all just to have a laugh
just to cackle and taunt
just to say I was right and you were wrong
but now Every bodies right
so it's just no fun anymore
so let's just be ironic
let's mimic their step
whistle and argue
make them feel right at home
just as the way the ones that stood before
welcomed us.