if ever there was a time
if ever there was a place
if ever there was a moment
that was it
yea you had to drudge to get it
you had to pick through the bones
of a million dead lottery tickets
and you had to be his mother
and foster him while he effeminately destructed
but you got your moment in the sun
Milos Forman yelling Action
calling on you to portray
the greatest whore that ever lived
it was a cinch
it was Your calling
the sun rose and set for you
no one could have done it better
and yes your fee was in that dufflebag full of ashes
but you dumped that baggage as quick as you could

and now you return
saying "Remember me?"
playing pearl jam songs
to an amazingly naive audience
oh this stupid world
what easy tricks there are to play
just to get some money
just to get some shelter
from those cold damp streets