there's a wretched stench
seeping through my window and under my door
perforating my room
the strays my neighbor fosters
have turned my back yard into a shit cemetary
I see them all march in
one by one as guided by their mother
and start to dig
digging in the freshly tilled soil
pissing on the plants
I grab a rock and throw it at the fence to scare them
accidently pegging one in the side
oh well, it was a little rock
god my room stinks
I've lit candles
cleaned my cats litter box twice
and I feel like shit
popped 5 different kind of pills this morning
just so I could enjoy my coffee and smoke some grass
just so I could write this poem
why won't that smell go away
smells like the river in july from some major city
I can't see the fumes
but I know they're there
maybe I'll light a match
this candle doesn't seem to be doing the trick
my cat wants to sit on my lap right now
he doesn't care about poetry
he just wants something to eat
and maybe a good scratching