they say live in the now
but now I've got nothing to live for
rake up these dead leaves and burn them
let the ashes blow in the wind
no one remembers
even when reminded
how quickly these fires turn to dust
how quickly these seasons change
a masquerade
of epic proportions
those whom survive
live cursed and branded
caged up
and falsified
to the victor go the spoils
my how nothing ever changes
every dog has it's day
it's no mystery
it's sharp teeth
these delusions of paradise
keeping me still
oh tranquility
don't ever desert me
all the fruits from Eden
in a basket
hand picked for the new born prince
the prince of poverty
the prince of wealth
there's all kinds of princes
these ideas of perfection
these delusions
our salvation
light at the end of the tunnel
to keep us from screaming
once the light burns out