I had just gotten out of rehab
I was at my mothers place
I was in the bathroom giving myself a suppository
I heard their meth dealer in the living room
saying something about "soothing your addiction"
while I slid that cold wet white lump up my rectum
I was on liquid diet
the food in the rehab joint had blocked me up
I hadn't shit for a month
the doc put me on a liquid diet
I had ate chicken broth and bread crumbs that night
nothing worked
eventually I had to go to the emergency room
the doc stuck his finger up my ass
he almost seemed to enjoy it
the student slash assistant that was watching looked confused
they stuck a tube up my ass that was hooked up to this machine
it started pumping gallons of a warm liquid into my insides
they told me to hold it for as long as I can
it hurt like hell
like my stomach was a balloon about to pop
the doctors walked off talking amongst themselves
the machine hummed like a nuclear reactor
it looked like it was built in the 50s
I watched the liquid flow through the tube
bubbles charting its speed
eventually the machine stopped
I laid there for a moment
before slowly removing the tube from my asshole
my stomach rumbled like thunder
stabbing pains encompassing my entire abdomen
a monster inside of me
I laid there
somewhat curled up in a ball
waiting for it
like a fuse had been set
and my stomach the bomb
the bathroom was just a few steps away from the bed
I slowly slid my legs over the side
clinching my butt cheeks with one hand
my stomach with the other
I took cautious steps
moving my hips to walk
keeping my legs stiff
like an action figure
I slowly pushed the door open
it had one of those push open knobs
the room was darkly lit
the walls were brown
I eeked my way to the toilet
using the handlebars meant for people in wheel chairs
to slowly lower myself down to the seat
I wiped my forehead that was now covered in sweat
and waited for the fireworks to begin
a sharp stabbing pain gripped my insides
I let out a loud "Oh"
I let go of all my inhibitions
I stopped worrying about it being embarrassing

I grabbed the handlebars
at first just a little trickle started to spew
but then a Gusher started pouring out of me
two weeks worth of rock hard sewage came flooding through
the dam had finally broke
chunks of dead matter flowed through continuously
it ceased for brief moments
only to quickly return to a full streams
I let out sounds of a dead man being brought back to life
a menstruation of epic proportions
releasing a months worth of waste
in a matter of minutes