10:58 PM |

castles fall
fairy tales end
the deeds of man
wash ashore

a misty lake
big black walls
the girl in the frame
a wooden stake

the writers name
on the radio
to an empty home

concert halls
the rocks will shake
the bridge will fall
the last quake

7 needles
peter unrest
7 needles
I confess

his lost remains
no plaque contains
a firey hole
an empty grave

somewhere in an unmarked grave
rests a soul without a name
somewhere in a shallow tomb
rests the head of the unsaved

I clinch my fists and pretend to sleep
I wait to hear him to speak
give me something to believe
while I wait for my hands to bleed.

somewhere off in outer space
he exists in another other place
but here he's gone without a trace
nothing left of where he lays

sacrifice, and pyramids
all for the all knowing sythe

rocks will shake and castles fall
armys march to the call
the writers name on the second page
has been erased and replace.

ex libris
the final page
l'art est long maus temps est court

and so I scream
at the painting on the wall
answer me

the writers name
has been forgotten
the writers name
is no more

big black walls
the picture frame
a wooden stake
a children's game

castles fall
pictures fade
the writers name
an unmarked grave

the pyramids