15 years.
for 15 long years
I've waited.
I hear the seagulls.
the chatter blending with the crashing of the waves.
the sand between my toes.
I can always sense when the day is beginning to end.
when the sun is on its way down.
I used to get up early.
but now the sun's been replaced by a wall.
15 years.
I remember watching it die.
seemingly in my arms
and after the sadness drifted, that's when I began to wait.
and so I did
for 15 long years.
waiting for things to be "cool" again.
as If they ever really were.

We'd pass the time going to antique sales during the day
and at night we'd eat good food and watch shitty movies.
I'd sit on the porch and smoke.
It felt less like waiting then.
though I still knew that time was there.

sometimes I think "It was just my youth"
but the kids today are more clueless than ever before
what a useless mob
the colors so bright it hurts my eyes
their perfect skin.
their robotic expressions.
their empty thoughts.
their meaningless phrases.
nothing sticks.
nothing stays.
just like the waves.
that crash with as much force as the universe can muster.
only to be pulled away.
Nothing will ever be cool again.
but I'll keep waiting
just in case.
just in case someone gets an idea and does something with it
dead bodies.
they'll come and they'll go
as they always have,
there's not enough to go around.
and he's not sharing.
I guess they're all waiting.
waiting like me.
for an option.
for something to admire.
because we're all to chicken or lazy to do it ourselves.
15 years. came and went.
as quickly as a tv commercial.
as quickly as the white buffalo disappeared.
as quickly as the indians died out.
as quickly as dirt hills turned into sky scrapers.
I've got all the time in the world baby.
just tell me what you're waiting on.
maybe we can wait together.