she has eyes
innocent like a baby that never cries

"What color are my eyes?" She says glaring at me through the phone.
"oh cmon you know I kno.."
"HAROLD! tell me right now what color are my eyes?"
"they're blue.." I said pretendingly confident.
"OH MY GOD! We've known eachother How long now??? and you can't even remember what color my eyes are?"

I was smiling and laughing because of how unbelievably cute she was when she got angry.

"I'm hanging up now."
"No Wait they're Green right? I know that. they're green."

A long pause. where I felt to laugh. I could never fight with someone who acted like a movie star from the 20s when trying to complain.

"ok , well fine then. When's my birthday?" She asked with her hand on her hip tapping her foot.
"I know when your birthday is. Cmon?" I bemoaned.

"When is it?!"
"umm. the 17th?"
"NO. It is NOT on the 17th!"
"the 27th! the 25th." I quickly gestured.
"Of what Month?" she asked.
"November! I at least can remember that much. Cmon give me Credi.."
"MY BIRTHDAY IS IN OCTOBER! Oh My God! Not only can you Not Remember what DAY it's on but you Can't even remember the MONTH!?"
"October yes yes. I'm sorry. I got confused." I said hanging my head down.

there was another pause.

"Hello?" I asked to see if she was still there.
"Baby I'm sorry. I told you, that's the same month that All these other people's birthdays are on. You have to forgive me. And you know I'm no good with dates anyways. I'd forget my own age if it wasn't on my drivers license." she sort of laughed a little."I actually Did forget it. The other day I was laying in my bed thinking to myself 'Am I 33? I'm 32 still.' So I mean, c'mon. cut me some slack here will ya? You know I love you right?"
"If you really loved m you'd be able to remember the day I was fucking Born."
"Oh Cmon now. I'll try harder Ok? I'll get it tattooed on my wrist. so that way I won't be able to forget. How's that?"
"Tattoo it on your Face." she said playful but sounding scoured.

I could feel the air lifting a little.

"I'm gonna go."
"don't go. cmon. you just call to make me feel like a jerk or what?"
"No I've got things I need to do."

We said our good byes and I went back into the house feeling like a schmuck.