ohhi apathy

4:18 PM |

so Now what do I do?
I sit here and talk to you.
tell you how I'm feeling.
tell you what I think's important
a funny thing that happened while I was on my way to the store.
a pretty girl that's got my attention.

I roll this cigarette against my doctors orders.
I sip this wine and pretend I'm immortal.
I close the curtains and dig down deep into my own little world.
where everything is meaningful.
where everyone cares.
where we're all here together.
as if that makes things any better.
fill up another glass.
smoke some more grass.
think about that beautiful piece of sunshine that she's got hidden under that cotton dress.
try to figure out why it's so special.
but don't think on it too hard.
otherwise it might lose its mystique.
naw, just ponder on it.
don't try to actually figure it out.
just let it float and sway.

feed me grapes and whisper in my ear
tell me every things alright.
lie to me one more time.

convince me.
I need convincing.