A million people. standing still. not saying a word. like birds in the forest.
spilling blood spreading disease. leaches upon leaches. the crow waits to collect its fragment of a soul. and carry it off to heaven. where it will soon be forgotten.

where's the story?
How come nobodies asking questions?
How come nobodies listening to what the other person is saying?
they're all talking at once. each one a little bit louder than the other one.
it makes no sense.
but yet this is the way it is.
every day.
stand in line. to get in line. to be in line. and wait your turn.

somebody sound the alarms.
the dam is giving way
someone stole all the money
and the parking meters are all full

the crosswalk sends blind people into the middle of the street.
the dog barks at everyone who passes by.
the cop yells at the people he serves.
the army lieutenant knows he lives to kill.
and they all stay silent.
never questioning the reasons given as to why this is why the way it is.

keep em comin. its all you got left.
pack another bowl.
roll another cigarette
its gonna be a long night