I think back to my youth
how splendid it were
even though it was Shit
always nervous
always weary
wandering and wondering
why they thought what they thought
and if it were about me

so I took my plight and Jumped
every given chance
and even when there were no steep cliffs I would build mountains
mountains made of cardboard
to jump

the coolest kid in town said "you're the coolest guy I know"
knowing that I didn't give a shit
not about him. the scene. the merit.
it was all bullshit
not because I didn't belong
I didn't even Want to belong
this school of stupid drunken piousness.

I knew what they wanted and I had pockets full
so much so that it seemed worthless to me
but they wanted it
and so I handed it out
tossing it in the air like confetti

Just give me pretty girls with lots of free time
drugs that make time go by faster
inspired by death
challenged by broken dreams
haunted by shattered remains
seemingly as placid and serene as ever before

Now my youth hides in dreams
and just as then, I awake too soon
from visions untrue

I waited to get older.
so I could miss being young