and of darkness falls

They scream
They moan
They beg for mercy
but of none they'll find
a cold shrude stare awaits
deaf to the shrieking.
blind to peril.

preying on the skin
the goat milk is stale
the sun is moving
the children play
as darkness falls

god is angry
the clouds are black
the pale moon glows
down on the withering vine

we've tested our fate
became the masters of our own demise
now we sit patiently
and wait for the bombs to fall
like springs first blooming rose
this is our fate
our destiny
resting peacefully in a permanent state of suspended animation
waiting for the bombs to fall
like autumns first rain
winters snow
springs blossoms
and summers glow
the evolution of man
is a death race

counting one,two,three
combining words into phrases
with each new generation
came more sophisticated guns
from sticks and stones to depleted uranium
Nostradamus was a junkie
it's as obvious now as it was then
the maggots chewing away the remains
carrying out their duty
staring down the horror
without care