WHy is it when you meet a girl you actually like...Every other woman you know suddenly comes out of the woodwork. and even girls that you just met find you even More attractive? It's like they sense "Happiness" and "well it must be coming from somewhere? Something has to be done about this. Either I'll make him happier, or I'll make him unhappier. but this just can't stand. Who is she? this girl that thinks she's better then me? Argh."

Or at least that's how I imagined it.

But still when you meet someone that's automatically special. It makes You feel special just in knowing them. because they remind you of the things that you Like about YourSelf! It's like when you feel an attraction. it's more of an affirmation of your own self worth. What you see. How you see it. Why You think what you think. and suddenly When it happens it's always perfect timing.

And I've waited for so long. Carrying through my hardships. With blind faith that this Mirage standing before me was actually light at the end of the tunnel, and that If I could just fight my way through another day, Something Glorious is bound to arise. If there is a God then he surely would reward me for standing true and never giving up on his gift to me.

Though I don't wait for heaven. I wait for love. And the longer I wait, the stronger my love grows. I wait for it in all the strangers faces. looking into their souls to search for what bit of light they may still have glowing. Even though most of them are as hard as I've become. When nothing's easy you get tough.

The cold truth would be that hardship is just it's own reward. toughening up for that final moment so that when it comes you'll be ready.