ohhi jack shit

10:40 PM |

the phone rang...


I put the phone down and started laughing. I clicked through my phone looking for the number of whoever just called me. 206. I don't know that area code. I hit send and it rang a few times before picking up.


loud abrasive static that I thought sounded lovely so I just listened even though it was obviously not going to connect. I put the phone down and started loading a bowl. I through some chicken in the oven and sat down at my computer to roll a cigarette. While I was outside smoking I watched as the neighbor had a friend of theirs tapping on the window with a brick. I guessed doing that was supposed to somehow make the door unlock. The tapping was slowly turning into a pounding easing off just beyond breaking point. She kept yelling at him not to break it but it seemed like that was all he was trying to do from my angle.

Finally she made him stop. I heard the phone ringing through my window. That was probably John calling back. I put out my half smoked cigarette and went back inside. sure enough. I sat and waited for a moment for it to ring again.

"Bonjour!" I answered.
"ahh shit. He's speaking French!?"
"You finally found something to suit that ego of yours"
"je apprend tres lentement mais j'apprend."
"We speak American around here buddy. dontcha know?" he said in his best tough guy voice.
"c'est pour cette fi je se...it's for this girl I know" I said.
"No, No you don't have to translate it. not like I'm going to comprehend what you're saying anyways. might as well be in french"

we laughed. not at anything really. just at everything. life itself. our plight. the fact that we're still alive. that we were ever born. we were like baudlaire and rimbaud only never recognized as such. too ahead of our times I supposed. and by the time anyone catches up to us we'll be long dead so it won't matter anyways. I took the phone with me into the kitchen to check on my chicken.

"so what drugs you been taken" he casually posed.
"oh you know, morphine, xanex, pot, wine. whatever I can get my hands on."

my chicken was nearly done. I could hear it sizzling.

"Man. I got me a good stash up here. shits about to put me under."

I went back to the computer and sat down.

"ope I gotta run." he said promptly. apparently whoever he was waiting for had finally arrived.
"ah Fuck you" I said in my bitterest tone.
"hey I'll call you back after a while."
"yea you do that" I snapped back.

we hung up and I went back to flirting with the computer.