tell me I'm dreaming
this can't be how the world works
everything is fucked
nothings makes sense.
someone tell me I'm dreaming.
that this isn't really the way it is.
it can't possibly be
all this madness.
one after the other.
lining up in a row.
not looking where they're going.
the man in the back waving them forward.
not knowing where he's sending them
take the money. the food. the shelter. my love
its all yours. Take all I've got to give
use me for what I'm worth and then dispose of my body properly.
day in and day out.
the sun rise.
waiting for someone to do something with the light.
the sun and the moon looking down on us with the wisdom of a billion ages.
but them still not knowing why we're here nor even having the inclination to wonder.
but why are we here?
I'm here to write this poem I guess.
I guess I guess and I guess.
blind folded and without any target.
restless and weary.
I take a glance now and then.
just to be reminded of why I stay in.
and hope to wake up.