am I a sado-masocist? sure? I hate myself just as much as the next guy.
am I a masogonist? yea? women treat me like shit.
am I a sociopath? yea! I don't give a fuck what you fuckers think.
am I a meglomaniac? Of Course! I'm the greatest. Nobody can handle my shit.
am I depressed? fucking eh! five seconds of the news is enough to make Anyone want to kill themselves.
am I apathetic? yes. but I don't give a shit about that either.
I see you and you see me. here stuck living in Gods tomb.with nothing but time to think about all the Shit we've done. all the low down nasty deeds that we carried out when we were free of conscience. when we killed off all the animals. where we made our brothers slaves and our mothers whores. where the machines took over just as we knew they would. with each twisting of the wire making certain of our impending demise. like the fourth of july we cut out pieces of the cake and handed them out one by one. the Poison in the air reminding us of better days. filled with war and destitute. when things were more simple. when you could Kill a man and get away with it just as soon as you could get away with stealing a piece of candy. the good ol days. when death was just as plain as the sunrise. when we Knew we were lucky.

am I suicidal? not really. why should I give up my air just so some other piece of shit can breathe?

fuck it.