ohhi sheer will

12:44 AM |

Hey! Listen up I'm gonna read you a poem. Hey!... HEY MOTHER FUCKERS! Hey you in the back with the big nose. yea You. And that girl back in the corner with that scar above her lip that's been looking at me funny all night. yea I see you.. I don't know What the fuck you want but whatever.just stop staring at me. I got this poem and I'm gonna read it for you just as soon as I can get everyone attention. and it's really fucking good. like it'll totally change the way you think and shit. like you're gonna be reciting this mother fucker to your grandchildren and making them promise to pass it on to theirs. that's how fucking good it is. It's like ghandis life explained in three words. This aint no hipster bullshit. this is the real fucking thing. the kinda poem mother fuckers in yale will be teaching and analyzing as soon as I become famous. I mean truly crossing the streams. make martin luther king look like jayze. like the shit I wrote about humanity and this bitch of mine. the way I put it.

But yea, so I got this poem. and It's really fucking good.... Hey! you in the kitchen. quit makin so much noise. Barkeep. stop clinging those glasses . yea you too bus boy. slooow down. Shit man. .I swear to god you gotta shoot off a fucking machine gun to get people to get peoples attention anymore.. I swear to god its a good poem. like it's about life and shit. I worked really fucking hard on it. studied all the greats. got my mode down tight. and I brought it just so that I could read it for you just tonight. so fucking sit there and shut the fuck up for five fucking seconds so I can read this fucking thing...

alright. so you're gonna sit there. and listen. and when I'm finished then you can tell me what you think. Understand? ok good.