I found some pencils on the ground and grinded them into the telephone poll in front of me. I noticed the smile on a black kids face as he walked in my direction. when I looked across the street I saw a young black prositute who he was fawning over. and so I felt alright about her because at least she had One kind john. unlike the guy that was screaming at her and calling her a cunt when I was awake. I was sitting in the back seat of a car playing a guitar when I noticed my ex come walking up. the car went into reverse and I went back a little turning left as it hit the street. It was annoying because it forced me to be sitting right in front of my ex which meant I would have to talk to her.

as I walked up she was sitting playing with snakes. she wasn't acting like her normal quiet self. she was brash. and uncouth. a sort of spiteful happiness emanating from her speech. She said she liked the snakes. I said I hate snakes. next to her was the Bitch she cheated on me with. and there were quite a few snakes on the ground. She asked me to hold one. I said fine. It was slivering around my arm. I tried to pull it off when suddenly it Struck its fangs into my for arm. to which they were mildly amused by. laughing if just a little. I pried its teeth apart and directed it to the ground and watched it sliver away. she said I should come to her floor some time. we were apparently living in the same building. I made my way inside and there were snakes inside on the floor. one big yellowish one and two other tiny little green ones. I walked around and carefully stepped over them as I made my way to the floor I lived on. there were some girls inside with my real house mate pete. I introduced myself to one of them. she was heavy set but had a pretty face. "So you're the new girl" I asked and she responded politely which made me feel better. and there were two other girls inside that were her friends and they gave me kind of a weirded out but polite smile as I went back to my room. pete was playing his guitar just as he is now in real life. I played some guitar and I told him about a riff I was working on. I went back outside and danced a little in the drive way trying to let my ex (who was no longer there) know that I could be happy. but I knew that I was fooling myself.

Snakes. wrapped around her arms like jewelry. sitting in the garage with that Cunt. childlike and in peace. I will never know that kind of peace. even though I am innocent.