first of all oakland. whaddup. its funny I feel kinda famous being from that city.

pinky knows he done fucked with the wrong dude. he aint shocked.

first of all this is oakland. so represent. whud up. all that jive. I do feel a certain sense of pride though. I honestly do. it's like "look! that's my Home! WE're Famous!. I know that bus! I sit there all the time!"

but importantly I'd just like to say a few words about what this video represents. from an analysts point of view.

this shows america at it's core. "you aint scaring this white boy" it says so much. the way the media portrays black people in America. as the ultimate danger in the streets. we are all taught by the tv to be afraid. to be very afraid. and here you have this old man saying he aint afraid. and so it gets 4,000,000 hits because it's a white man standing up to the black man. when i actuality it's just two cats on the bus getting into an argument. and yea brusso says some outlandish things. and it's black history month. or it was. at least I think. but that's freedom of speech. everyone can say what's on their mind in this country. which is something we take for granted in this country. You have to let the idiots speak. the reason why what brusso is saying is funny is because it's just that. outlandish.

so here Brusso is clearly doing the right thing but just getting up and walking away. moving all the way across the bus. and he gives him a clear warning that he's fucking with the wrong dude.
so clearly mr. brusso doesn't want any trouble. He's just talking shit and riding the bus and this guys coming all up on him.

but pinky just wouldn't let it be. something to prove I guess. intoxicated I heard him say in an interview. with protagonists rooting him on to do the wrong thing.

right here pinky has just broken the law. what law? our law. american law. we can say anything we want. but just don't put your hands on each other.