it's starts off in a thrift store with her trying on wigs. and you see at the start from the look on her face that something is wrong. then while waiting for her daughter after school here the stage is set and the pace of the film is established. The dialogue is very nice and it's realism with jokes of testicles and you see they are close even though dysfunctional. and I thought it was good and I liked looking at the girl in the mini skirt. but I was not totally impressed.

but the scene where the girl was brushing her hair in the mirror. here I saw it. there was chemistry.with the dirty cabinets and rabbit shit. this was selby quality realism. I knew these people. as well as I've ever known any of my neighbors. and I truly enjoyed the film from that moment on.

my favorite character was nanny. for nanny. I hate these people. the way we treat our elders is a disgrace. and the look in her eyes. innocent like a cat. was very moving. I worked in an old folks home for years. so I know something about old people.

the scenes with nanny also provide a great source of variety.

the scene at the bar with the antique salesman. "I could use a lamp" you can tell what he really wants. and them two could have had some fun that night had he not screwed it up by being a creep.

the seizure scene is very real and a pivotal scene in the film. it is filmed very respectfully. the acting is superb. no music. no shaking camera. and with the way it is shown you learn this is something they are used to. and this explains so much. why the older girl is rebellious and kind of tough is because she has seizures and that makes her different and her life difficult. and with the younger sisters reaction you understand why she's so quiet and sensitive and kind of weirded out because she has a sister who has seizures and a loud obnoxious mother. and you see how beatrice is trying so hard. and all she has to deal with. and you see that she's strong and that she feels as though she's the leader and that it's all up to her.

which is what makes the ending so tragic. because you see how hard she's trying. and she fails. and fails miserably. but then by the end of the night. you see that life will go on. it was a hell of a night. but it will pass and things will continue as they always were. and you leave the film feeling as though these people live down the street. you know these people exist and you could call them if you knew their number. very good film. a great example of realism with great acting and wonderful set designs. grade A american cinema.